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DSMN8 Recognized as a Great Place to Work-Certified Company

By 23/08/2021January 9th, 2023No Comments
DSMN8 Recognized as a Grerat Place to Work-Certified Company

Oh boy, oh boy.

Have we got some exciting news to share.

Here at DSMN8.

We think our company culture is epic.

But we wanted to check in on that.

So that we could stop saying “we think”.

And start saying “we know” 💪

And also so that we could really let the world know!

That’s why we’re super happy to announce.

That with an overall score of 98%… 🥁

We have been recognized as a Great Place to Work-Certified company! 🙏

A Great Place to Work certification is awarded to companies that are building a high performing culture with a high degree of employee involvement, trust, and satisfaction.

Over 10,000 organizations seek certification from the GPTW Institute each year.

And we’re proud to be a company that’s been awarded one! 🚀

Some of our standout scores included 👇

DSMN8 | Best Place To Work Community Score
DSMN8 | Best Place To Work Respect Score
DSMN8 | Best Place To Work Personal Job Score
DSMN8 | Best Place To Work Caring Score
DSMN8 | Best Place To Work Camaraderie Score

Getting the accreditation on behalf of our employees was one thing.

But seeing our scores soar above averages really felt like a win for us 😎

How do these scores compare to GPTW averages? 👇

– 100% Community vs 94% average

– 97% Respect vs 90% average

– 97% Personal Job vs 88% average

– 97% Caring vs 91% average

– 97% Corporate Image vs 90% average

Let’s GO, team 👏

let's go team gif

Now, because this survey is totally anonymous.

We can’t possibly know who said what 🤷‍♂️

(and we wouldn’t want to!)

Anonymous = more authentic.

And we are all for authenticity 💯


What we can do is look at the anonymous feedback that was left for DSMN8 as a company.

Here’s what our team had to say 🤩

What would you change about DSMN8?

“Impossible to suggest anything. It’s always in my mind that my experience at DSMN8 would completely destroy my next workplace (If I had to move on), just because of how good it is to work here.”

“I would not change anything for the moment. This company takes pride in implementing changes when needed to adapt, so I am confident that is something they will keep doing naturally to make it a fantastic place to work.”

What do you like the most about working at DSMN8?

“Our company culture. We are given the freedom to work wherever and pretty much whenever we want providing the work gets done. And yet still the executive team have complete trust and faith in you to perform to your highest level. It fosters a brilliantly positive attitude of doing your best while also encouraging a great work/life balance.”

“DSMN8 is unique to every other company as it treats employee harmony with priority. I was first introduced to the company as a place where everyone treats each other with respect and goes above and beyond to work well within the team. DSMN8 also gives us the chance to make our own work schedules, so it gives me a lot of time social time I previously never had, and time to work on my own individual projects.”

michael scott cry gif

I’m not crying.


Tears aside.

This doesn’t stop here.

We’re always on the lookout for our next superstar employee.

We’re really just getting started.

So, if you think you’d be a perfect fit at DSMN8.

Head over to our careers page.

Or follow us on LinkedIn to see the latest job openings first.

Come say hi! 👋