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How Does Your Employee Social Media Activity Compare to Your Competitors?

Let us know the organizations you want to see and we'll pull the data!

Ever wondered how active your employees are on social?

And how this compares with your competitors?

Maybe not… But the numbers usually blow people away!

So, we’re offering a FREE employee advocacy analysis!

To show you:

  • How many of your employees are regularly sharing.
  • What the impact of this activity looks like.
  • How you’re doing vs your competitors.
  • Plus some complimentary tips on how to improve!

No cost and no catch.

As always, we’re only too happy to help if this builds some internal awareness around a subject we’re so passionate about – Employee influence.

Please note: Due to the nature of this analysis and the data sourcing methodology, we can only produce these for companies with 50+ employees on LinkedIn.

Fear not though! We’ve got something that should help every organization lay the foundations for employee advocacy – The Employee Advocacy Certification.

Data sourced for analysis is publicly available and correct at the time of production. The analysis is totally cost-free and we endeavour to have this with you within 48 hours.

Get your free analysis!