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DSMN8's Employee Social Media Activity Leaderboards

Where does your company rank?

DSMN8 has researched thousands of companies in an array of industries and ranked them based on their social media presence. How have we determined the most active? In the way that we know best – employee activity! Our leaderboards aim to celebrate the companies whose employees are consistently sharing company content to social media, helping to increase company share of voice, elevate your company’s presence online, maximize website traffic and generate new business.

Your employees are your secret weapon in maximizing your presence across social media, and yet it is a significant untapped resource for many marketing teams and organizations across the globe.

Companies who adopt a formal employee advocacy and influence program with DSMN8 see an average of at least 30-40% of their employees actively sharing, with some clients seeing as high as 70%.

So, where does your company rank, and is there room to improve?

Download your industry leaderboard below to find out. Each industry is available to view by region as well as a global leaderboard. Be sure to choose monthly updates so that you can continue to monitor your efforts in the future. Can’t see your industry featured? Get in touch and let us know which sector we should analyse next.

Want to maximize your presence on social and become an industry leader?

Turn your workforce into employee influencers with DSMN8.

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