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What is DSMN8?

Cloud-based SaaS platform enabling employees to share company-related content such as blogs and articles to their owned social media networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others. DSMN8 is available as both a desktop application as well as a mobile application as an opt-in tool for all employees.

What data does DSMN8 store and how is it used?

DSMN8 stores limited data for end-user pertaining to information associated with the application. For more details please see our full Privacy Policy.

We use information held about you in the following ways:

  • Submitted Information: to verify who you are.

  • Device information: to verify what device you are using and to fix errors.

  • Content Information: to allow you to share content via the App, the Service, and your Social Media Accounts.

  • Log information: to enable effective billing when necessary.

  • Location information: to verify location when using our Events feature.

  • Other Information: We track the activity on your social but only in relation to what has been shared from DSMN8.

  • Unique application numbers: to help us offer technical support and fix errors.

Is Multi-Factor Single Sign On (SSO) supported?

Yes, industry-standard SAML SSO is supported by DSMN8 including but not limited to OKTA and Azure systems.

Do you have a general user data protection policy?

Our Privacy Policy outlines the basis for personal data that may be collected, provided and processed by us. Please see the DSMN8 Privacy Policy and Master Services Agreement for more details.

What is DSMN8’s support process?

Enterprise Accounts have access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager as well as DSMN8 support via email and phone. Any and all service losses will be reported in a timely fashion to the relevant users.

Is EU GDPR applicable to DSMN8?

The nature of the company, DSMN8 Limited, is based in Europe and will continue to be compliant with all GDPR regulation for all future cooperation with clients.

Do you have a concept / processes for deletion of personal data without undue delay upon clients request?

Any and all data subjects will retain the right to have his or her personal data erased at any time. Personal data processing is adhered to in accordance with our data security policy, including the restriction of processing upon request.

Do you have clear procedures for the deletion or returning of personal data when the personal data is no longer needed for the purpose?

Once a retention period has passed, all documents containing personal information will be erased from our systems or destroyed if in hard copy. Data subjects will retain the right to have his or her personal data erased.

What technologies were used to develop the DSMN8?

Front end: Angular2, React. Backend languages, stacks and databases are not disclosed for security reasons.

Are the development and testing environments separate from the production environment?

Separate environments are used for Development, Beta testing before changes are made to the production environment in accordance with our standard development procedure.

Is the platform available for integration?

External APIs can be integrated at the request of the client, dependent on the purpose and time consumption required for the integration.

Data Storage Architecture?

Data is stored outside of the primary application code environment with separate access controls. There are no physical servers being maintained by DSMN8 as the operating environment is Amazon ECS and Amazon Kubernetes.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and DSMN8?

No PII sensitive information is stored within the platform at any point. Users Names, Job Titles and Business Emails addresses are the only personal information DSMN8 will store, these are protected in standard technologies including but not limited to AWS & Cloudflare.

What design process allows the platform to scale reliably and efficiently with high performance?

Load balancing is handled by AWS, application scaling handled automatically based on performance metrics on load.

What are the general availability parameters for DSMN8?

Network Availability: AWS compute SLA guarantees monthly uptime of 99.99%. Databases have full backup run hourly and async replication running at all times with application automatic failover to backup database clusters. Backup databases operate in separate availability zones. Full backups are then stored in a separate AWS region. In the event, both primary and secondary databases fail, complete disaster recovery systems would be initiated using the last complete backup.

Secure Proprietary Technology

Briana Draguca, Social Media Coordinator - Outfront Media 2

Our C-Suite regularly receive feedback from industry peers saying - You guys own social. We see you everywhere! Which is a great validation of our employees' efforts across social and the DSMN8 platform.

Briana DragucaSocial Media Coordinator, OUTFRONT Media

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