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Risk-free employee advocacy
for accounting & financial services

Brand-approved, compliant social media content for financial services, accounting, and banking professionals. Showcase expertise, build trust, recruit top talent, and reach a larger audience.

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Public trust in financial services still falls behind all other industries

(Edelman Trust Barometer 2024)

This is a problem. Why would people let you manage their money, accounts, mortgage, business loans or investments… if they don’t trust you?

The world is on social media, and the financial industry is no exception. But with many industry regulations to follow, most financial firms stick to corporate accounts and tell employees not to post anything.

Yet 92% of people trust content shared by individuals over brand channels (Nielsen Consumer Trust Index). This is a huge opportunity for financial organizations to strengthen their reputations and build credibility.

DSMN8 makes it easy for employees to find and share company-approved content. Position your team as knowledgeable thought leaders, humanize your brand, and establish a reputation as a dependable financial institution.

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Over 75% of people who recently changed jobs used LinkedIn to inform their decision

Does your LinkedIn content showcase your company culture? Encouraging employees to create and share authentic content helps your organization find those perfect-fit candidates.

When an employee shares a job opportunity, it reaches up to 561% more people (MSL Group). This can significantly reduce your cost-to-hire by reducing dependence on paid advertising.

Top candidates are much more likely to apply for a role endorsed by someone in your team. And those recruits are 40% less likely to leave the company within 6 months (LinkedIn).

Make it easy for your team to share compliant content and track the results

DSMN8’s employee advocacy platform makes it easy for your financial experts to share legally-compliant and on-brand social media content.

With Microsoft Teams and Slack integrations, AI and automation features, plus access on desktop and mobile, your busy employees can create, curate, and share content from anywhere.

We take data privacy and security seriously, with an ISO 27001 certification, SSO (single sign-on), and GDPR compliance.

Attribute business results to employee social media activity with analytics and UTM tagging for every post. Compare cost-per-click with social media ads to demonstrate ROI. Dive into analytics for your entire program, teams, and at user-level, to identify top performers and your most engaging content.

DSMN8 reporting analytics dashboard

Speedy Content Creation, Curation, and Sharing.

Select brand channels to automatically pull fresh content to DSMN8. Use AI content assistant to generate multiple caption variations, and auto-scheduling to enable employees to share at optimal times with zero effort.

Risk-Free Social Media for Finance Professionals

Make it easy for your financial professionals to find and share on-brand content that complies with industry regulations. Allow users to customize content, create original posts, or stick to prewritten content to make sharing risk-free.

Attract Talent by Showcasing Company Culture

There's no more authentic way to showcase life at your company than through the people who live it every day: your employees. Reach top talent via employee networks, increase visibility on open roles, and reduce cost-to-hire.

Demonstrate ROI with Analytics Reporting

Attribute business results to employee social media activity with our comprehensive analytics and reporting dashboard. Add UTM tracking to every post, and demonstrate ROI with comparative media spend.

User & Executive Management

Get the right content to the right employees: segment users by department, seniority, region or language. Enable specific users to create original content, e.g. marketing, and others to share it. Manage your leadership team's LinkedIn presence with ease.

Boost Company Page & Leadership Content

'Boost post' allows employees to like or share LinkedIn posts from your company page and chosen individuals, e.g. your CEO, with just one click. Increase content reach and engagement without depending on social media advertising.

How DSMN8 Works

Watch the 90-second platform tour below for a quick overview of DSMN8.

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Employee Advocacy
Software for Your
Entire Organization

Android & iOS Apps

Reach employees wherever they work: office-based or not.

Analytics & Reporting

Get insight into your program performance and demonstrate ROI with a detailed analytics suite.

Company Notifications

Real-time and automated notifications via email, Slack, Teams, in-app, and mobile push.

UTM Parameters

Integrate data with the platforms you use, e.g. Google Analytics, HubSpot, and Salesforce.

User-Friendly Experience

An easy-to-use platform that resembles social media sites.

Integrate Trusted Sources

Add trusted content sources like your company blog to scale your program quickly.

Employee Personalization

Provide relevant content to each employee through user and team tags or groups.

Internal Comms Newsletters

Newsletter feature to send internal communications and content to employees.

Brand Customization

Create a familiar experience with your company logo & colors.

Simplified Social Sharing

Directly share to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Xing, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Email.

Employee Polls

Get instant feedback with polls for specific employee groups or go company-wide.

AI Content Assistant

Speed up content creation with our AI content assistant. Provide multiple post captions with ease.


Patrick Cantellow - Kreston Reeves

DSMN8 solves the problem of employees being worried that they might share the wrong thing. Though they’re free to edit them, we’ve suggested from the start that they stick with one of the pre-written captions, which alleviates any worry that they might say something they shouldn’t.


Digital Marketing Manager, Kreston Reeves

Become the financial service people trust with employee advocacy.

Bring your teams, social channels, and content together to launch a high-impact employee advocacy program in no time!

Thousands of employees around the world use DSMN8 to make brand communications more human at scale.

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