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Committed to providing
the #1 employee advocacy platform

We're on a mission to help companies amplify their brand message by tapping into the authentic, unified voice of their employees as brand advocates on social media.

DSMN8 Team in London
DSMN8 Timeline
DSMN8 Timeline

DSMN8 leadership

Meet the DSMN8 leadership team qualified to support your program. We pride ourselves on being totally committed to improving the experiences of our clients and users. This approach has been in place from the very start when our founders began the DSMN8 journey.

Bradley Keenan

Bradley Keenan

Ryan Marsh

Susan Robson
Chief Financial

Jody Leon
VP of

Emily Jones
Dir. Customer

James Keenan
VP of

Neal Stanborough
VP of


Top 50 UK software company

Well, 27th to be precise! In G2’s annual Best Software Awards, ranking the world’s best software companies and products. What makes this award even more amazing is that it’s based on authentic reviews from our customers.

G2 Top 50 UK Companies Best Software Awards 2024

DSMN8 is committed to providing the world’s most advanced employee advocacy platform.

This includes native smartphone applications (iOS and Android), a web-based desktop application and a purpose-built analytics package. Our product is designed to empower and reward staff, partners, and customers to become social media brand advocates.

Built for:

Marketing & Communications Teams

Employer Brand, Talent Acquisition & HR Teams

Sales, Business Development & Leadership Teams

Want to join our team?

We’re always on the lookout for top talent.

If you think you can match our team’s passion for helping companies grow their brands through employee advocacy, then we want to hear from you. If you are interested, please email a copy of your CV to [email protected]. Remember to be creative and really express your true talents, or visit our Careers page below for more info.

DSMN8 Team Hard at Work