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Simplify company communications and drive employee engagement

Create a more connected and inclusive work culture with our user-friendly internal communications platform, for desktop and mobile. Ensure your team are notified when it matters, and reduce noise with a custom feed for every employee.

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Emma Keates - Global Head of Communications, Unit4

We can’t underestimate the impact of this initiative and technology on our business. It has fundamentally changed our culture and attitude. Employees are now empowered and enthusiastic, seeing their networks grow and having more conversations than ever before.


Global Head of Communications

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How DSMN8 Works


Hassle-Free Content Curation

DSMN8 automatically collects your content from online destinations like your company website, jobs page, blog, and social pages.

Easily Segment What Employees See

Push content to employees based on their location, interests, job role, or language. Set and track must-read company updates.

Activate Your Advocates

Employees can share company-approved content with their social media networks. Our AI content assistant, one-click sharing and auto-scheduling features make it easy.

Reward Your Employees

Offer recognition or real prizes with the built-in gamification engine. Leaderboards motivate your team to engage through healthy competition.
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Any employee, any department, any industry, anywhere.

We make effective employee communications accessible to organizations of all sizes.

DSMN8 internal communications


Showcase company values

Build a positive company culture by fostering two-way communications with leadership, and encourage your team to connect with their colleagues across departments.

Show the human side of your company by collecting employee-generated content within DSMN8, and empower your team to share approved social media posts to build their personal brands.

Ensure employees actually see thought leadership by your C-Suite executives, rather than it getting lost in their social media feeds.


Keep every employee informed

With multiple language support and intuitive social media style design, DSMN8 is accessible to employees in all roles. Keep your whole team updated, whether they’re office-based or not.

Use push notifications to inform everyone about your most important announcements, and send email newsletters highlighting your recent company news and content.

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DSMN8 Platform Analytics Suite


Understand the impact

DSMN8’s analytics suite helps you understand how employees interact with your content, what they’re interested in, and how engaged they are in the platform. Create polls to gain instant employee feedback.

See the impact of employee social media with metrics including content impressions, audience size, and website traffic. Demonstrate ROI with earned media value.


Integrate with your tools

It only takes a few clicks to integrate DSMN8 with your existing tools, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Salesforce. Notify your team where they already are, encouraging participation and saving time. Attribute results in Google Analytics and other analytics tools.

DSMN8 Slack integration

Reward employees

Offer recognition and real prizes using the built-in leaderboard & gamification engine.

Two-way communications

The DSMN8 feed acts as a central hub for employees to communicate, read, and share company content. Employees can interact, comment, and tag colleagues.

White label solution

While your company branding comes as standard, we also offer bespoke solutions for those wanting a dedicated app.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Integration through SAML 2.0 makes sign-in faster, simpler, and more secure. Plus, you can even use your existing company credentials.

Advanced reporting

Understand the impact and demonstrate ROI with our comprehensive reporting and analytics suite.

Personalized content

Push ready-to-share content to the right employees based on location, interests, and job role.


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Over 525 5 star reviews on G2

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Secure proprietary technology

DSMN8 keeps your data secure.

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Make it easy for your team to stay updated with company communications, tailored to each employee.

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