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We make it easy for
employees to become

DSMN8’s innovative technology helps brands tap into the power of their number one asset - their employees through an all-in-one platform.

Companies big and small trust DSMN8 to help empower their employees

Made for those who want more impact from social

Social Media Superstars

Get more of your content seen and watch engagement skyrocket like never before! All while reducing your reliance on paid media. Organic social is officially back with a bang!

PR & Communications Pros

Don't just get your message seen, get it heard! All through the networks and relationships of your employees. After all, they're already connected to the people your organization cares about most!

Employer Brand & Talent Aquisition Managers

Showcase your company culture and tap into the networks of your existing superstars to help retain and attract the very best people for your organization!

Social Savvy Sales Leaders & Front Line Sales Teams

Build and convert your pipeline by taking your social selling game to the next level! Expand your professional network and showcase your organizations expertise across all social channels on autopilot!

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Innovative solutions that enable your employees to
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Social just changed.

I didn't believe it either (until I saw it)

Social Has Changed | DSMN8

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