DSMN8 All-In-One Employee Influencer Platform

The All-In-One Employee Influencer Platform

DSMN8’s innovative technology makes it easier than ever before to tap into the power of your number one asset – your employees. We make it simple to Create, Curate & Share on-brand content. Enabling employees to become influential brand ambassadors for your organisation.

Companies big and small are empowering employees with DSMN8:

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NETGEAR Empowers Employees With DSMN8
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Arlo Empowers Employees With DSMN8

DSMN8 enables your employees to Create, Curate and Share company-approved content.

This creates a seamless process from initial content creation through to end users sharing authentic and relevant company content. Intuitive features make sharing the right content easy, effective and rewarding.

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How It Works

What They’re Saying

DSMN8 has made sharing content for our employees incredibly easy. We have seen great results in terms of reach and engagement since implementing DSMN8 worldwide. The platform is simple to use and sharing localized content in each region has never been easier.

Heidi CormackSenior Vice President of Global Marketing, Netgear

The simple-to-use platform empowers Awin employees to share industry and Awin news to bolster their professional networks. DSMN8 has provided invaluable support from the beginning. From launching the tool across our teams around the world to helping us continue to grow our advocacy program to its full potential.

Lisa HammondGroup Marketing Director, Awin

DSMN8 has helped change company perception where employees are now proud, pro-active and a collaborative force in sharing brand-related content.

Lesley WhiteDeputy Vice President Human Resources, Huawei

The DSMN8 platform has provided the ultimate one-stop-shop for sharing content and knowledge across our teams wherever their location.

Max SiegelmanSocial Media Director, Outfront Media

DSMN8 is the 2nd highest referrer of traffic to the AWIN site. It works! Our employees are more motivated to share company content than ever before.

Sarah RuzgarGlobal Communications Lead, Awin

Our sales consultants have evolved into modern social sellers with the help of our advocacy program and the DSMN8 platform. They now adopt a short and long term approach to sales that has paid off and now sees business come to them.

Maarten PootMarketing Manager, Krauthammer

Our C-Suite regularly receive feedback from industry peers saying - You guys own social. We see you everywhere! Which is a great validation of our employees' efforts across social and the DSMN8 platform.

Briana DragucaSocial Media Coordinator, Outfront Media

The DSMN8 Platform makes it easy for our employees to share relevant and authentic content with their own professional networks.

Hui XuMarketing & Communications Manager, Huawei

DSMN8 helped us see a considerable upside in staff engagement through sharing of our company messaging across social media. Our team are very well connected to our target audience, so the quality of audience distribution was invaluable.

Andy EvansChief Marketing Officer, Sovrn Holdings

Why is Employee Advocacy Relevant to You?

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What Is It?

83% of consumers say they completely or somewhat trust the recommendations of friends and family? (Nielsen)

Employee advocacy is about amplifying your company’s message through the most effective channels available. Such as the people who are most likely to create a trusting relationship with your brand.

Employee Advocacy

Employees’ social networks reach 10x further than a company’s own following when combined (Hinge Research Institute)

You can empower your employees to become valuable company ambassadors by sharing company content with their own networks. You just need to provide the tools to promote sharing and to reward successful advocates.

Why Do It?

Content shared by employees enjoys 2X higher engagement versus when distributed by a company (Edelman).

You’ll extract even more value from your company’s content, with fantastic ROI in comparison to traditional advertising. Your content will also be targeted to a receptive audience because it is shared by the people they trust the most, their peer group. It’s not just about the company either, 86% of employees have also credited advocacy for having a positive impact on their career (LinkedIn).

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