How OUTFRONT Media ‘own social’ by tapping into

the power of employee influencers


As one of the worlds biggest outdoor media companies, OUTFRONT Media are no strangers to embracing new and innovative ways to communicate. Just as they generate impact for clients, they were looking for ways in which their own messaging could generate an equal result. They knew simply paying for this was not an option and had a different plan in mind.

After carrying out research into what was possible, the OUTFRONT Media team determined that employee advocacy and activating their employees as brand influencers was the perfect solution.

Choosing the DSMN8 platform as their preferred partner. The result helped OUTFRONT Media continue to stand head and shoulders above its peers as being the number one outdoor solution and drove key business performance through its number one asset – its employees.

New York Stock Exchange listed, OUTFRONT Media is one of the largest outdoor media companies in the world. Founded in 1938, with headquarters in New York. Previously known as CBS Outdoor, Viacom Outdoor, Infinity Outdoor and 3M National among others. Over 2,370 employees work across North America with a focus on billboard and transit advertising solutions. The organisation is passionate about providing platforms for brands to connect with their target audiences as they live their lives. Championing the power of the largest canvases across North America to grow clients businesses.




New York, USA

Company Size

2,370 Employees

The challenge

Being one of the biggest outdoor media companies in the world can bring its fair share of challenges. Such as, how can you effectively align multiple offices and employees on a consistent basis? How do you motivate employees to become brand ambassadors? Or, how can you really leverage social media platforms without needing to increase your media budget?

These were some of the challenges facing OUTFRONT Media. But the marketing team had a plan! They saw an untapped opportunity that would not only solve these problems but also help elevate the organisation amongst its peers.

The challenge was clear. How could OUTFRONT Media synchronise 30 offices and leverage the scale of social for the benefit of the business?

The solution

OUTFRONT Media knew employee advocacy could support in achieving their goals. After extensive research and evaluation into leading platforms. They selected DSMN8 as their preferred partner. Choosing the vendor due to advanced functionality versus alternative solutions.

Key Fact: Typically less than 2% of employees share employer content across their social channels.

The critical components of the success of the OUTFRONT Media employee advocacy program are:

1. Automation and Segmentation
2. Authentic and Unique Content
3. Executive Buy-In and a Synchronised Launch

Automation and Segmentation

The automation and segmentation settings built into the DSMN8 platform were a key feature for the OUTFRONT Media team. This provided multiple benefits. Firstly the team were able to localise content for specific regions and teams. Secondly, employees were able to easily personalise the content of most interest to them. This reduced the time required to share relevant content across their own profiles through the option to automate posting.

Key Fact: Automation was adopted by more than 75% of users.

As a listed company. OUTFRONT Media have to keep an extra close eye on what is said and shared across online channels. The DSMN8 platform enables the syndication of pre-approved content to be easily disseminated across departments, offices, countries and languages. By complementing this with clear guidelines, internal program owners and c-suite endorsement. OUTFRONT Media were able to address any fears whilst supporting employees through the onboarding process.

Our C-Suite regularly receive feedback from industry peers saying - You guys own social. We see you everywhere! Which is a great validation of our employees' efforts across social and the DSMN8 platform.

Briana DragucaSocial Media Coordinator

Authentic and Unique Content
Another key feature of the DSMN8 platform is the option to include multiple imagery and post copy. This enables the syndication of content at scale in a unique way. Removing the possibility of duplicated content across different employees feeds.

Key Fact: Adding just 5 alternatives for images, post text and preview title creates 125 unique content previews.

DSMN8 V2 Outfront Media Feed

Executive Buy-In and a Synchronised Launch
Close collaboration between the OUTFRONT Media and DSMN8 teams ensured a comprehensive and effective launch strategy.

DSMN8 launched with OUTFRONT Media’s New York HQ taking the lead through a hands-on interactive session. The teams were introduced to the solution, the value and were able to complete their profiles together. Helping to streamline the setup process and user experience. This included teams from Marketing, Product, Sales, Partnerships and the C-Suite.

Senior leadership were some of the first users to advocate and embrace the program. Leading to widespread adoption between employees and an instant impact for the program.

A further 1-hour intro and tutorial session was then recorded and distributed to the wider markets. Supported with email follow-ups showcasing best practice and tips for greater performance.

The platform has since been extended across North America and is supported by a team of 12 admin users, who are responsible for guiding wider company adoption, documenting best practices and increasing performance.

The results

OUTFRONT Media have successfully turned their employees into effective brand ambassadors. With industry peers taking notice and commenting on how brand awareness has increased. Highlighting the consistency and expertise of the organisation.

The company has effectively localised the sharing of content, imagery and key information. Embracing DSMN8 as a multi-purpose platform that supports business objectives.

The first 3 months of the program saw:

400% Increase in employees sharing employer related content
23% Increase in people following OUTFRONT Media on LinkedIn
69% Increase in OUTFRONT Media’s social engagement

Employees have also noticed how their own influence has improved as a result. With engagement on personal content and profile views increasing tenfold. Employees are now highly motivated, which has encouraged even greater adoption of the platform.

The results have far exceeded what the organisation hoped the program would achieve. So much so, that it has now been integrated into the employee onboarding program for all new joiners. Along with regular company-wide updates on latest news, best practice, and performance. Stimulating even further usage.

The impact

In addition to 78% of users being active users. On average the program generates the following results each month:

Avg. items of content shared
Content clicks
Shares per content
Comparative cost per click

The DSMN8 platform has provided the ultimate one- stop-shop for sharing content and knowledge across our teams wherever their location.

Max SiegelmanSocial Media Director

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