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Empower employee influencers to reach your business goals

Turn employees into in-house influencers, social media content creators and thought leaders for your business. Track the impact, optimize content, automate sharing, and measure ROI.

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DSMN8 platform

Make it easy for employees to share company-approved content

DSMN8 makes it easy for employees to find and share company-approved content on social media, via desktop or mobile.

Share podcasts, blog posts, third-party media features and more, both internally and externally. Even your CEO’s thought leadership LinkedIn posts can be ‘boosted’ by your team.

Provide multiple images and captions for every social post to ensure your team don’t share duplicate content. Encourage participation with gamification, automation features, custom email newsletters, and an AI content assistant. Track content reach, engagement, and ROI with a comprehensive analytics dashboard.

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DSMN8 mobile app screenshots

Boost social media reach and engagement like never before

In a time where trust in brands is low, people are more likely to engage with people over any form of branded content.

Employee-shared content typically sees 8x more engagement than compared to brand content (Social Media Today). The answer to greater content performance is already within your business: your employees.

Combine this with 92% of consumers trusting peer recommendations, even from those they don’t know, over brand content (Expert Voice, Psychology of Brand Trust), and you can see the impact employee influencers have.

With automation features and an AI content assistant, DSMN8 makes it easier than ever for your team to create, find, and share engaging content, via desktop or mobile.

Empower your workforce to develop professional personal brands

Building a personal brand is in the best interest of your employees and your business. And in the age of social media, LinkedIn is the place to do this.

Consistently sharing industry and company insights is a fantastic way to showcase expertise and become seen as a thought leader.

A key part of social selling is building rapport with your prospects. Getting your content (and consequently, company) in front of people on social media leads to conversations. It also ensures that you’re front-of-mind when they’re ready to buy.

In fact, 75% of decision makers and C-Suite execs say that a piece of thought leadership led them to research a product or service they were not previously considering (LinkedIn & Edelman 2024).

DSMN8 platform content sharing screenshot

Encourage & Source Employee-Generated Content

DSMN8 makes it easier than ever to source original employee-generated content, with usage rights included. Give people a behind-the-scenes look at your company culture!

Boost Company Page & Leadership Content

'Boost post' allows employees to like or share LinkedIn posts from your company page and chosen individuals, e.g. your CEO, with just one click. Increase reach and engagement, and make sure employees actually see the content you're sharing.

Speedy Content Creation, Curation, and Sharing

Select brand channels to automatically pull fresh content to DSMN8. Use AI content assistant to generate multiple caption variations, and auto-scheduling to enable employees to share at optimal times with zero effort.

User Management

Get the right content to the right employees: segment users by department, seniority, region or language. Enable select users to create original content, e.g. your marketing team, and others to share it. Manage your leadership team's LinkedIn with ease.

Demonstrate ROI with Analytics Reporting

Attribute business results to your team's social media activity with our comprehensive analytics and reporting dashboard. Add UTM tags to every post, and easily demonstrate ROI with earned media value.

Reward Employee Participation

Drive adoption and engagement with the built-in points-based gamification feature. Offer rewards or charity donations based on points if you choose, and encourage friendly competition amongst colleagues and departments with leaderboards.

How DSMN8 Works

Watch the 90-second platform tour below for a quick overview of DSMN8.

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Employee Advocacy
Software for Your
Entire Organization

Android & iOS Apps

Reach employees wherever they work: office-based or not.

Analytics & Reporting

Get insight into your program performance and demonstrate ROI with a detailed analytics suite.

Company Notifications

Real-time and automated notifications via email, Slack, Teams, in-app, and mobile push.

UTM Parameters

Integrate data with the platforms you use, e.g. Google Analytics, HubSpot, and Salesforce.

User-Friendly Experience

An easy-to-use platform that resembles social media sites.

Integrate Trusted Sources

Add trusted content sources like your company blog to scale your program quickly.

Employee Personalization

Provide relevant content to each employee through user and team tags or groups.

Internal Comms Newsletters

Newsletter feature to send internal communications and content to employees.

Brand Customization

Create a familiar experience with your company logo & colors.

Simplified Social Sharing

Directly share to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Xing, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Email.

Employee Polls

Get instant feedback with polls for specific employee groups or go company-wide.

AI Content Assistant

Speed up content creation with our AI content assistant. Provide multiple post captions with ease.


Employee Advocacy Brands | Sarah Ruzgar, Awin

Employee shares on their personal social channels via DSMN8 has become one of the highest referrers of traffic to the AWIN site, securing employee advocacy as a core part of our marketing strategy. Seeing the results further motivates our teams to continue sharing company content.


Global Communications Lead

Take content marketing further with your employee influencers.

Bring your teams, social channels, and content together to launch a high-impact employee advocacy program in no time!

Thousands of employees around the world use DSMN8 to make brand communications more human at scale.

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