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Refer A Friend

🔥 Earn $500 🔥

So! Here's the deal...

Know anybody that would benefit from using DSMN8’s technology?

Submit their details 👉

The rules?

– Their company needs 500+ employees registered on LinkedIn.

– They must become a paying customer.

Once the above has been confirmed you’ll receive your $500 reward! 💪

Why 500+ employees on LinkedIn?

We feel fortunate to have been powering some of the world’s biggest employee programmes since 2016. This time has taught us many things including where employee advocacy can have the BIGGEST impact.

For a company to generate an ROI, our experience shows:

– Organizations must have over 500 employees on Linkedin

– They can invite at least 20% of employees to your program (min. 100 people)

Based on this and to avoid wasting your time, we’re currently only working with organizations that meet the above criteria 👍

Here's all we need 👇