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Employee Advocacy
For Technology Companies

Everything you need to launch and scale an effective employee advocacy program for your technology company. Engage employees, customers, and prospects on social media. Empower your employees to build personal brands, increasing influence and brand awareness!

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DSMN8 - The Employee Advocacy Platform is a leader in Employee Advocacy on G2
DSMN8 - The Employee Advocacy Platform is a leader in Mid-Market Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) on G2
DSMN8 - The Employee Advocacy Platform is a leader in Enterprise Employee Advocacy on G2
DSMN8 - The Employee Advocacy Platform is a leader in Enterprise Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) on G2

The Challenges of Employee Advocacy
for Technology Companies

Employee engagement is a major challenge for technology companies, especially in the B2B space…

With the rise of remote work, fast-growing global teams, and rapid industry changes, maintaining company culture and talent retention has become even more difficult.

Tech companies need to find innovative ways to engage their employees, ensuring that they feel connected and valued.

This is especially true for remote employees who may feel isolated or disconnected from your company’s culture.

But how? 🤔

The Solution

DSMN8’s All-in-One Employee Advocacy Platform helps you effectively use employee-generated content, authentically showcase company culture, reach and influence top talent, all while engaging your workforce like never before.

We make it easy for your tech experts to share legally compliant and on-brand social media content, empowering them to build trusting relationships with customers, prospects, and candidates.

Our platform connects your global team, and allows your company to disseminate company news and content with all employees or segmented teams/regions, at the click of a button.

Make it fun with gamification features! DSMN8 leaderboards make it quick and easy for you to reward and recognize participation, increasing motivation and positive company culture 🏆

With SSO (Single-Sign-On), integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack, as well as a desktop platform and mobile app, your busy employees can create, curate, and share content from anywhere 🌎

We take data privacy and security seriously.

DSMN8 complies with GDPR regulations, and is ISO 27001 security certified.

Our dedicated customer success team will guide you through the process of setting up your employee advocacy program, provide support to your program managers, and training for all employees using the platform.

Centralize Company-Approved Content

A single platform to manage your brand relevant content, distribution, and reporting. Remind and inspire your employees to discover what's new through automated notifications and instant, daily, or weekly updates featuring content and messaging that's ready to share. Content is automatically curated and distributed to your workforce.

Amplify Your Brand Messaging At Scale

The high impact channel your organization has been missing! Create your own custom distribution channel for your content and messaging to generate organic reach and engagement like never before. All through the people closest to your business - your employees. Share platform content direct to your employee's devices with a mobile app and desktop solution.

Engage Your Employees Like Never Before

Personalize the content feed to provide the most relevant experience to each employee through advanced user and team segmentation. Content can be segmented by language, department, groups, and interests. Quickly scale and grow large advocacy programs that capture the interests of employees, without the need for manual content management.

Easy Employee-Curated Content

Strengthen the power of your program by enabling employees to curate & submit relevant content to specific groups or company-wide. Program managers have an additional layer of approval and can review and approve submitted content before publishing to specific groups or company-wide. Content sourcing just got easier!

Reward Employee Participation and Success

Drive user adoption and engagement even further by setting up company-wide or team-specific recognition, and real prizes with the built-in points-based gamification engine. Recognize active employee participation and allow employees to earn points for completing actions such as sharing and submitting content.

Dedicated Program Manager Features

Full oversight of your employee program is complemented with exclusive program manager permissions. Whatever the scale, manage your program with ease. Assign permissions to specific groups, departments, or roles for additional support. Allow specific employees to curate, review, and approve submissions.

Execute your employee advocacy strategy.
Prove your ROI.

Give your content the reach and engagement it deserves.

We’ll help you grow your social share of voice. DSMN8 makes it easy for your employees to become more active across their social networks.

Our platform serves the most relevant on-brand content ready for your employees to share, creating a custom distribution channel for your brand. Maximize the awareness and impact of content created by your marketing team.

Employee-shared content typically sees 8x more engagement than brand content (Social Media Today Employee Advocacy Survey 2019). The answer to greater performance for your key messaging is already within your business.

Combine this with 92% of consumers trusting peer recommendations, even from those they don’t know, over brand content (Expert Voice, Psychology of Brand Trust). Then you can see the potential impact an effective employee advocacy program can have!

Give your employees a reason to increase word-of-mouth, strengthen relationships, and advocate for your brand with DSMN8’s employee advocacy tool. Provide the most relevant content around the key topics your customers, prospects, and future employees value.

Features That Make This Possible:

⭐️ Content Sources   ⭐️ User & Team Segmentation

⭐️ Native Sharing   ⭐️ Gamification

DSMN8 platform screenshot employer branding

Drive more targeted traffic to your website.

Make it impossible for the people important to your tech business to miss your content and key messaging. With DSMN8, your organization can ‘own’ social, reduce reliance on paid media, and turn your content into a key driver of organic traffic to your website.

DSMN8 clients see platform activity become a primary source of referral traffic to their websites, at a fraction of the investment typically spent on brand or performance-based activity. Organic traffic can become a reality for your organization through the power of the people closest - your employees! Not only is it possible, it’s simple, requiring little effort from employees.

Your employees are already connected to the people important to your organization - your customers, prospects, industry stakeholders, and future employees. Our platform provides the technology and encouragement to foster and strengthen those relationships by actively supporting relevant employee engagement across social channels.

Features That Make This Possible:

⭐️ Single Sign-On (SSO)    ⭐️ Content Tagging

⭐️ Unique Content    ⭐️Post Scheduling


DSMN8 Platform Analytics Suite

Close more deals with less effort.

Turn your organization into an active sales force and social selling machine! Increase inbound sales by making it easy for your employees and organization to stand out on social media.

An effective employee advocacy program amplifies your content, expertise, and reputation at scale. Consistently showcase the topics and news relevant to your organization through active employee participation.

Support your employees in becoming active, recognized experts in their field. You’ll engage more of your target audience, facilitating stronger relationships and insight-rich conversations.

It’s never been simpler to showcase your organization’s expertise! Leads generated through employee advocacy are 7 times more likely to convert (IBM). The saying “people buy from people” really can be activated at scale for your organization, meaning you’ll convert more opportunities in no time.

Features That Make This Possible:

⭐️ Company Approved Content   ⭐️ Leaderboards

⭐️ Smart Posting    ⭐️ UTM Tracking

DSMN8 Employee Advocacy Platform Screenshot

Promote your employer brand at scale.

Engage your employees like never before with the DSMN8 advocacy platform. Showcase an authentic insight into the culture of your organization.

A positive employer brand is increasingly becoming an effective business strategy, yet showcasing this at scale can often be a challenge.
Turning employees into excited advocates and promoters for your organization takes your employer brand to the next level. Increase your potential talent pool while reducing cost-per-hire, time to hire and employee turnover.

With DSMN8’s employee advocacy tools, you can centralize brand relevant activity and amplify the impact of your efforts. Whether it’s an employee’s first day or company team-building event, it’s never been easier to provide a true insight into your organization.

Features That Make This Possible:

⭐️ Content Notifications    ⭐️ Employee Content Creation

⭐️ Internal Comments    ⭐️ Employee Polls

DSMN8 Employee Advocacy App Leaderboard

Empower your employees to create authentic, powerful content that showcases your true company culture.

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Employee Advocacy
Software for Your
Entire Organization

IOS & Android Apps

Be in the palm of your employee's hands. Intuitive IOS and Android mobile applications enable easy use by all employees whatever the level of a user's technical ability.

Analytics & Reporting

Get insight into your entire employee advocacy program, with detailed performance analytics. UTM parameters allow you to integrate program data with the platforms you already use (Google Analytics, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more).

Company Notifications

Targeted, real-time, or automated notifications across any device. Dispatch those critical updates wherever employees are, across email, Slack, Teams, mobile push, and in-app.

Simplified User Experience

A user interface similar to popular social media applications. This enables easy use by all employees, whatever their level of technical ability.

Integrate Trusted Sources

Your top content ready and waiting to help quickly grow your advocacy program, without manual content management. Minimize the level of effort required while keeping employees engaged with fresh content.

Employee Personalization

Provide the most relevant content experience to each employee through user and team tags. A custom feed ensures a more relevant program, meaning greater user adoption and success!

Brand Customization

Create a familiar experience by customizing DSMN8 with your company's logo & colors across desktop and mobile to drive user adoption.

Simplified Social Sharing

Directly share to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Xing, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Email. Measure employee reach and track unique engagement across social channels.

Employee Polls

Want instant feedback? You've got it! Easily set up a quick survey for employees to answer. Decide whether to poll specific employees, groups, or go company-wide.

How Active Are Your Employees On Social?

We regularly research thousands of companies in an array of industries and rank them based on their social media presence. Where does your company rank? Get the latest tech industry leaderboard! 👇

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Grow your business through employee advocacy.

Bring your teams, social channels, and content together to launch a high-impact employee advocacy program in no time!

Thousands of employees around the world use DSMN8 to make brand communications more human at scale.

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