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Employee Advocacy: 101 Cheat Codes by Bradley Keenan

Over 100 actionable tips for starting, scaling, and driving results from your employee advocacy program. Plus, insights from the world's biggest employee advocacy programs!

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Employee Advocacy 101 Cheat Codes

What's Inside?

Flip to any of the 101 ‘Cheat Codes’ to discover actionable ways to start and scale an employee advocacy.

You will learn:

  • How to find your ideal employee advocates.
  • How to create great content for employees to share.
  • Strategies for onboarding advocates and maintaining momentum.
  • Ways to get buy-in and support from senior leadership.
  • Methods for making advocacy a key part of your company culture.
  • Insights from program managers at the world’s largest organizations.

You will also get additional resources such as templates, worksheets and related podcast episodes.

But what if I don’t have an employee advocacy platform or tool?

Not a problem! You can implement all of these tips regardless of the technology you use.


This book is for:

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Employee Advocacy Program Managers

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Employer Branding / HR

Reviews & Testimonials

This is the book I wish I’d had when I started my employee advocacy role, one I’m grateful to have as a resource going forward.

Chelsea BryanManager of Communications, McKinsey & Co

This book provides a clear roadmap for how to start a successful employee advocacy program which is what makes it a refreshing read. Much of it was validating to me and I also learned a few new strategies to take my current program to the next level.

Lyuba EllingsonSenior Social Media Strategy Manager

This book is a little gem of tips and advice on how to boost employee engagement digitally and why it matters, not to mention the benefits employees can gain when posting on LinkedIn … all in perfectly bite sized, value adding snippets.

Laura JonesEmployer Brand Advisor, EY

As someone experienced in EA, I found this book filled with practical insights, and a must-read for anyone looking to empower their workforce on social media. It’s the comprehensive guide I wish I had 8 years ago.

David PerryDigital Marketing Consultant

It's gold! His right-to-the-point approach and hard-hitting tips are so incredibly valuable for building an employee advocacy program.

Alessandra La TourVirtual Learning & Development Program Manager

Good read, easy to consume with lots of actionable takeaways. Valuable for anyone looking to build brand social media presence via some of their most trusted advocates - their employees.

Joe WilliamsSVP Strategic Development

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Employee Advocacy: 101 Cheat Codes by Bradley Keenan
Bradley Author Photo

About The Author

Bradley Keenan is a British technology entrepreneur, CEO, and co-founder of DSMN8, the #1 Employee Advocacy Platform. Bradley has built three leading B2B marketing technology companies, used by over 1,000 of the world’s leading brands. 

While integrating his company, E-Tale, into their new publicly owned parent company, he noticed a considerable divide between sales and marketing. 

Marketing produced great content, but very few employees shared it. Bradley identified this as a waste of valuable energy, creativity, and resources, and sought to provide a solution to bridge the gap. That’s when DSMN8 was brought to life.

Employee Advocacy 101 Cheat Codes

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Employee Advocacy: 101 Cheat Codes is now available as an audiobook, narrated by the author, Bradley Keenan.

Available on all major audiobook providers, including Audible, Spotify, Google Play, and Kobo.

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