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Employee Advocacy User Adoption Playbook

The 4-step strategy for scaling employee advocacy throughout your company, used by hundreds of organizations. Plus, additional resources, an onboarding timeline, and a printable worksheet.

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What's inside:

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1: The Fundamentals

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2: Support & Training

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3: Spread the Word

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4: Re-Engage & Level Up

How to successfully onboard & engage employee advocates

Whether you’re launching an employee advocacy program or managing one already, user adoption should be on your mind.

You could have the best content in the world, but if your advocates aren’t engaged or you’re struggling to get employees on board…

Your program simply won’t be successful.

But fear not! That’s where our user adoption playbook comes in.

Adapted from a guide created for DSMN8 clients, with insights and examples from our customer success team, this strategy is followed by hundreds of organizations.

The PDF playbook is split into 4 stages to help you attract and engage employee advocates.

Finally, you’ll find an onboarding timeline and printable worksheet to help plan and manage your user adoption journey.

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