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Are you interested in a new revenue channel? Do you want to help drive forward the topic of employee influencers? Or are you looking to implement one of DSMN8's solutions for your clients? If so, lets chat!

Employees are the new influencers

It's never been easier to create authentic photos, video and written content through the people closest to your business - your employees.

We win, you win!
We win, you win!

Earn re-occurring commission on every client you help to sign up to one of DSMN8's products.

Lead your clients to a new frontier

Give the real people behind each business a voice. Help your clients to support their employees to become influencers at scale.

Retention Strategy

Reduce your client churn by supporting their always-on strategy with DSMN8.

Partnership Referrals

We also offer a managed service for agencies or clients preferring a hands off solution.

DSMN8 Partner Program
Innovative Offering

Become one of the early adopters in offering this service to clients.

Content Syndication

Tap into the power of DSMN8’s technology to leverage your planned activity for clients.

Our ideal partners consist of:

HR companies
Advertising, marketing and PR agencies
Sales consultants and trainers
Business consultants and system integrators


DSMN8’s solutions help departments from all around the organization improve their reach, engagement and communication. Check out some of our customer success stories on employee influencers, social selling, employee advocacy and social recruiting.

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Client Benefits & Outcomes

Your clients could see

Increased Reach:

On average employees will have a combined social following 50X greater than corporate accounts.

Increased Engagement:

Content is not only more authentic but also has a 3X higher engagement rate when shared by an individual as opposed to a company.

Reduced Media Costs:

Significantly reduce digital marketing costs with a comparative average cost per click of just £0.20.

Social Selling Adoption:

Drive conversation and engagement across social channels, increasing brand awareness and driving sales.

Employer Brand Development:

Consistent and authentic messaging driven by employees will help to develop employer brands at scale.

Reduce Cost & Time To Hire:

Social selling through increased referrals and direct applications generated by employees networks.

Clients we work with:

Enterprise Clients 

Companies 3,000 – 10,000 Employees


Vibrant company culture with a commitment to content marketing, social selling and developing employee influencers.


Communications & PR

Partner with DSMN8

Trusted By:

Partner value:

Management Strategy

New revenue opportunity for current clients and the opportunity to bill additional fee’s for program management.

Content Creation Revenue

The ability to charge clients for additional Employee Influencer focused content, branding and educational collateral. Such as new content campaigns and creative work.

DSMN8 Revenue Share

Sliding scale revenue share for clients who sign up to DSMN8 products.

Our Expectations:
  • Introduction to Clients and the relevant stakeholders who DSMN8’s solutions will be well suited too.
  • Committed to the topics of Employee Influencers, Social Selling, Company Culture and Brand Advocacy as concepts.
  • Willingness to establish the above concepts with clients, and encourage its use.
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Partner with DSMN8

Join our partnership program and get access to exclusive support, resources and training to ensure success for your clients.

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