How Krauthammer empowered their sales consultants to develop

personal brands and drive an increase in leads


With Krauthammer a leader in the field of behaviour training consultancy. Their focused targeting approach for sales meant building support for their sales teams was always top of the agenda. Keen to remain at the forefront of the industry meant identifying new and innovative ways to support these teams was paramount. Having carried out extensive research into what was available, the Krauthammer team identified social selling and employee advocacy through the DSMN8 platform as an area to help achieve this. The impact helped modernise their sales teams, build employees personal brands and drive key business results.

Founded in 1971 by Eric Krauthammer in Switzerland. Krauthammer are leadership, management and sales training specialists with global reach. Over 170 consultants help service 25 countries in 21 languages. With the organisation passionate about bringing the very best out of its clients’ employees.




Zurich, Switzerland

Company Size

204 Employees

The challenge

Creating sufficient content was proving a problem for the company to keep on top of. There was demand from the organisation. But finding the right content and insights for employees to use to feed their networks on a consistent basis was becoming a challenge. In essence, the Krauthammer content making and syndication machine had hit a wall.

On top of this, there was a growing sentiment from sales consultants who were time poor, reluctant to embrace new technology and doubted the effect such activity could have on driving key results. The marketing team were facing a tough challenge to convince internal stakeholders of the benefits and achieve full adoption.

The challenge was set. How could Krauthammer’s marketing team motivate sales teams? Highlight value and change short term mentality to drive significant results to the companies bottom line?

The solution

Krauthammer identified DSMN8 following extensive research into social selling and employee advocacy platforms. Selecting the vendor due to advanced functionality versus alternative solutions. In particular, the automation and segmentation features offered by the DSMN8 platform were perfect for the Krauthammer team. These allowed teams to set up their own profiles and content preferences. Easily enabling the segmentation of content which was of most interest to each individual team member. Reducing time spent that ensured sales consultants could embrace social selling without it impacting on their existing schedules.

Key Fact: Automation was adopted by more than 86% of users.

From a business culture perspective, Krauthammer let go of any legacy fears in regards to employees sharing content publicly. Realising that the opportunities far outweighed any risks. Managing this by introducing clear guidelines and internal program owners who could support sales consultants queries. Providing support to employees every step of the way.

DSMN8 was launched at the Krauthammer university. A twice a year event which brings together all teams to learn, explore. Identifying new learning journeys, work on innovations and ensure consistency of their international programmes. This approach helped launch and synchronise the DSMN8 platform across the business. The teams were introduced to the solution, the value and able to complete their profiles together. This helped streamline the onboarding process and user experience. DSMN8 was adopted by the teams and saw employees not just digesting content but also sharing brand content across their own channels including LinkedIn.

Key Fact: 82% of employees registered at the launch event.

The results

Krauthammer turned their sales teams into effective modern salespeople. The company kept things simple to start which enabled wide adoption that allowed teams to see benefits with limited effort. Third party organisations began to comment how impressed they were at how active and insightful Krauthammer’s sales teams were across social channels. Highlighting the consistency and expertise of the organisation which brought business to the organisation in the form of increased website traffic and leads.

Krauthammer successfully turned their employees into brand ambassadors, increasing team motivation and leveraging personal networks. In turn, this built trust in the sales teams and organisation ahead of any initial sale and made conversion easier than ever before.

The impact

In addition to 85% of training and sales consultants becoming active users of the platform. The program has generated the following results over a 12 month period:

Avg. items of content shared per user
Content Clicks
Clicks per share

Increase in website traffic

Contributed to increase in inbound leads

Comparative cost per click

Our sales consultants have evolved into modern social sellers with the help of our advocacy program and the DSMN8 platform. They now adopt a short and long term approach to sales that has paid off and now sees business come to them.

Maarten PootMarketing Manager

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