How Arlo embraced employee engagement to

drive product knowledge & social selling


When Arlo Technologies separated from parent company Netgear in 2018, providing the right technology stack to support their employees’ product knowledge and social media needs was integral. Having experienced the benefits of the DSMN8 employee engagement and advocacy platform first hand, they turned to the solution once again in order to drive employee engagement, product knowledge and greater reach for on- brand content. In-turn benefiting as a company from social selling. Employees successfully grew their retail network through a consistent approach to their social activity.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, USA. New York Stock Exchange listed, Arlo Technologies is a home automation company and specialist maker of wireless security cameras. Having shipped 11.7 million devices to 2.85 million registered users as of February 2019 generating over 88 million daily video streams. The brand is dedicated to making it simple for customers to keep an eye on everything they love and be there when they can’t.


Arlo Technologies 


San Jose, California

Company Size

319 Employees

The challenge

With an aggressive product roll-out plan and a new life as a dedicated organisation, it was a time of change for Arlo Technologies. Critical to their future success was the ability to ensure all employees had a thorough understanding of their products, services and markets. Allowing them to effectively tap into a rich content source. However, there was no existing solution in place which easily enabled the flow of company, product and industry knowledge. The challenge was how to engage employees across all areas of the business in an effective, on-going manner that drives business growth through social selling.

The solution

It was essential for Arlo to have the right technology stack and infrastructure in place from the start. Having experienced success with the DSMN8 platform as part of Netgear, Arlo decided to implement the solution once again. Introducing an employee advocacy program to make it easy for brand-approved content to be shared with employees across the company. The solution elevated the traditional product training approach and helped turn employees into authentic social sellers. Providing on-going support and a rich resource for employees to utilise.

After an initial pilot and on-boarding, DSMN8 was implemented across departments and saw employees not just digesting content but also sharing brand content across their own channels including LinkedIn and Twitter.

The results

Arlo saw employee product learning and knowledge increase across departments as well as confidence. The solution enabled employees to easily build a rapport with their social networks that began to support the wider businesses sales efforts. Employees reportedly felt closer to the business, had increased trust and became more proficient in product capabilities and features. In fact, 98% of users saw a vast improvement in product knowledge just 6 months following the platform launch. Which in turn elevated their expertise, and professional standing amongst peers.

Arlo were even able to identify some internal employee influencers with relevant and engaged social networks which they didn’t realise they had. The platform elevated employee learning and became integrated with the company from the start.

The impact

In addition to 35% of employees becoming active users since the platform launch. The program generated the following results over a 6 month period:

Increase in Employees sharing brand content

Increase in employee product knowledge

Increase in web traffic

We used DSMN8 in my previous role at Netgear and I instantly wanted it at the core of Arlo. The platform provides the solution our employees need to give instant product education and confidence to become brand advocates.

Rob WellsVice President of Sales EMEA

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