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The Employee Advocacy & Influence Podcast 🎧

Empower your employees like never before and learn how to own the social share of voice in your industry. Organizations all over the world in every sector are driving strategic competitive advantage by scaling the impact of their employees' voices… and now YOU can too!

The Employee Advocacy & Influence Podcast - DSMN8 Website Assets

Join us as we delve beyond the why and get straight to the how so that you can put employee-driven growth at the heart of your organization. Hosted by Bradley Keenan, CEO of DSMN8, and Lewis Gray, Senior Marketing Manager.


In this special episode of our podcast, join Lewis Gray, Senior Marketing Manager at DSMN8, as he speaks with Elliot Elsley, Director of Customer Success at DSMN8.

Get ready to unlock the secrets to a thriving employee advocacy program as Elliot spills the beans on FIVE game-changing tips.

Discover why these tips are your golden ticket to success and turbocharge your employee advocacy efforts!

In this episode, Bradley and Lewis highlight quick wins that can help elevate your employee advocacy platform. They highlight the wins that may seem obvious, but that a lot of program leaders overlook. They discuss how to implement these wins and the immediate difference it will make to your employee advocacy program.

In this episode, Bradley and Lewis discuss the two most common objectives of employee advocacy and the content strategies you’ll want to deploy to achieve them.

Plus, Lewis explains the “Holy Trinity” of content types you’ll need to include to generate the best results from your employee advocacy program.

HUGE announcement! Lewis rolls out the carpet for Bradley as he introduces his first-ever book – Employee Advocacy: 101 Cheat Codes.

In this special episode of the podcast, Bradley explains the reasoning and idea behind the book, even introducing the help of Amazon’s Alexa to demonstrate its purpose. No spoilers here though!

In this special workshop-style episode, Lewis invites special guest Shannon Loveridge to lend her insights on the law and legal industry and why employee advocacy is a crucial tool that should be utilized in this industry. Shannon highlights the challenges that come with employee advocacy in law firms and how to overcome them. 

Part One:

Part Two:

In this special two-part episode of the podcast, Bradley and Lewis discuss LinkedIn’s recent algorithm changes, and how they impact employee advocacy. In part one, Bradley & Lewis break down the changes to LinkedIn’s algorithm and offer their key takeaways from the recent updates. In part two, Lewis & Bradley host a workshop in writing great social media posts for employee advocacy, and Lewis explains DSMN8’s PACKD analogy for writing better posts.

In this unique episode of the podcast, Bradley hosts a workshop-style episode with Lewis and explains the four types of ideal advocates for an employee advocacy program. Lewis expands on this and offers valuable insight from his experiences dealing with these four personas. They touch on the challenges and motivations of each persona and why these personas are perfect for an employee advocacy program.

In this episode of the podcast, Bradley and Lewis discuss tips to get sign-off from your CFO to launch an employee advocacy program. They touch on statistics that highlight the impact that employee advocacy has and how an employee advocacy tool can save your company money. All valuable information to take to your CFO!

In this episode of the podcast, Bradley and Lewis debunk the idea that employee advocacy programs solely benefit marketing teams. They highlight that although an employee advocacy tool is perceived as being a marketing function, it can have an equally significant impact on other departments in a business, such as sales and employer branding teams.

In this episode of the podcast, Bradley and Lewis discuss how to use employee advocacy for content idea generation. They highlight the importance of employees being active on social and why social activity and employee advocacy should be treated as one combined activity.

In this episode, Bradley and Lewis discuss how to step up from manual employee advocacy to a formal program, and the issues that may occur when you rely on manual employee advocacy.

In this episode, Bradley and Lewis discuss what they consider to be the three most common/problematic roadblocks (or “enemies”) of an employee advocacy program.

In this episode, Bradley discusses the common misconception that employee advocacy can’t work for companies within regulated industries, and outlines the features and processes needed to make it a success, no matter which industry you’re in.

In this episode, find out what enterprises need to consider when choosing an employee advocacy platform. Plus, find out how to distribute your content in a smart way, and learn our tips for managing an enterprise employee advocacy program!

In this special episode, find out how Dropbox approached the first 30 days of launching an employee advocacy program with actionable tips to help you improve your E.A. game!

Whether your organization is a first-timer or you’re looking to give your existing initiative a boost, Katherine Keenan, Dropbox’s Head of Talent Brand Programs runs through the top tips to help you succeed.

In this episode, find out why consistency is the key to employee advocacy community building.

What does employee advocacy consistency look like? Find out how to build your EA community and consistently provide content for employees to share.

In this episode of the podcast, Bradley discusses the challenges of integrating employee advocacy platforms with your wider tech stack and outlines why integrations are not always necessary.

We discuss the challenge with employee advocacy integrations, why integrations aren’t always necessary, the difference between integrations and using a dedicated platform, AND why integrations can be problematic.

The importance of a Test, Listen & Learn approach and creating feedback loops to guide your employee advocacy success.

In this episode, we discuss, why an authentic tone of voice is a must, would your employees share content, how to tell if employee shares resonate with audiences,  the dark social impact of employee advocacy AND how to create employee advocate feedback loops.

Exciting announcement: we’ve got a book coming out! In the next 4 episodes of the Employee Advocacy & Influence podcast, our CEO Bradley Keenan will share some of the best Employee Advocacy tips, chosen from the book at random!

In this episode, find out how to encourage employee advocacy program sign-ups, and why you shouldn’t force it.

You’re interrupting people’s day – so, you better make it worth their while if you want employee advocacy success! A well thought out, and structured post caption can be the difference between impact for your social content and failure. THIS is how to get it right and hit your goals.

When life gets in the way, posting to social media falls by the wayside. Scheduling content and keeping your content “evergreen” are your secret weapons to keep your employees’ social media presence consistent.

What is the Pyramid of Employee Influence? Find out how it can help you decide which employees to include in an advocacy program. Do you really need 100% of your employees engaged in advocacy for it be successful?

This is the single BIGGEST piece of advice for onboarding new users to your advocacy program. In this episode, we talk about the mistakes we’ve seen made when launching an employee advocacy program and HOW you can ensure success when it comes to getting employees to join your program and maintaining engagement.

Think all employee advocacy programs are just people sharing the same message over and over again? Or that you can spot an initiative a mile off when people are sharing the exact same thing? Well, GOOD employee advocacy really isn’t this and the assumption shouldn’t be that all employee advocacy programs follow the same strategy.

In this episode, we discuss, why seeing bad implementations of other people’s attempts shouldn’t stop you, including what the BIGGEST employee advocacy misconception is, the solution to this, what you need to do when running an EA program, highlight a key component that ALL the best programs have and explain what the perfect execution of employee advocacy is.

Employee advocacy works incredibly well for B2B companies, but can it be successful for a B2C business? Which social networks are right for B2C employee advocacy? Consider taking a different approach to advocacy: maybe it’s time to open up your advocacy program to consumers too!

In this episode, we discuss; the social media spectrum; the difference between B2B and B2C advocacy programs; the importance of keeping advocacy programs exciting AND the #1 question you should ask YOURSELF before you ask your employees to post to their own social media.

Unhappy with the results of your employee advocacy program? Inherited an employee advocacy program but disappointed with employee engagement? Well, there are times where a program just needs a re-boot to take results to the next level.

We talk about why you need to establish what went wrong the first time, how to create your NEW gameplan, plus the importance of identifying and COMMUNICATING your employee value proposition.

Content tumbleweeds…. Are you creating loads of content that nobody shares? Worse. Your Sales team don’t see the value? In this episode, we discuss how you can effectively onboard your sales team to your advocacy program.

We talk about how salespeople have the most vested interest, the easiest way to get salespeople onboard, what to do BEFORE you carry out any employee advocacy training, an absolute MUST to include AND the steps to follow to effectively onboard your salespeople.

Sliding door moments… Say hello to your new career launch pad! In this episode, we look at how employee advocacy can be a career-launch pad.

We talk about the network effect of employee advocacy, its purpose, how to increase impact by 300%, provide a career differentiator AND how to build your personal business case!

Counter-intuitive? Maybe. Maybe not. Hear us out as there is a logic to our madness of why you SHOULD limit your employee advocacy.

In this episode, we talk about the four types of employees, what wise program leaders do, what we advise clients to limit daily shares to, the content economics of employee advocacy AND explain what the MOST important thing to remember is!

When times get tough, it’s even more important to assess what is and isn’t working for your organization. BUT how do you avoid going silent and continue to communicate regularly with your target audience in the most cost-effective way?

Well, it starts with your employees – the people already closest to your business AND moving the needle is easier than you may think!

In this episode,  we talk about what 60% of podcasts never do! We’ll cover; the cheapest and most efficient way for your brand to communicate, how Content AND Culture are the TWO main ingredients for success, how you don’t need to overestimate the amount of content and employees needed in your program AND what the results YOU can expect to generate from employee advocacy will be!

How does internal communications impact employee advocacy? Are they the same thing?

In this episode, we talk about the first step and how employee advocacy forms an internal communication function. We’ll cover; what we found from analysing over 1,000 social media posts from employees, how to utilize your existing internal comms tools for even greater impact, why you should ask yourself this ONE question and what the DREAM scenario of employee advocacy really is!

This is how to make your social media policy ‘employee-ready’!

In this episode, we talk about how you can evolve from a “Do Not Post on Social Media” strategy to a “Post on Social Media” strategy with your employees. We’ll cover; what 55% of Employees have NO idea about, what your Employee-Ready Social Media Policy MUST include, how to support your Employee Advocates, AND finally, provide you with a Checklist for Employee Success!

Want to encourage employees to become content creators?

In this episode, we talk about how to get more employees to submit content to you. We’ll cover; why creating B2B social that doesn’t suck is difficult, what you can do to help your B2B social presence, the one thing you have to accept, what many get so wrong, AND finally, introduce you to the REALLY simple employee-generated content framework that will get more of your employees submitting content to you today!

We get asked this question all the time!

In this episode, we talk about how you can get your CEO to post on social media. We’ll cover; what to do if your CEO doesn’t get social, how you can show the value, how to build a business case for employee advocacy, AND finally, introduce you to the Social CEO Framework which features the steps you can take right away and take your C-Level Executives from social zero’s to social heroes!

This has to be the NUMBER 1 employee advocacy blunder we see!

In this episode, we talk about the biggest blunder employee advocacy programs make. We’ll cover; what YOU need for Employee Advocacy SUCCESS, the power of dynamic content, how time-effective distribution can equal continued program value, AND finally, what the true aim of good employee advocacy should be.

Mastering user engagement is the key to success for your employee advocacy program. BUT, how do you ensure this?

In this episode, we talk about how to master user adoption with your employee advocacy program. We’ll cover; HOW to lead from the front, the benefits of creating a feedback loop, harnessing the POWER of new recruits, AND finally, how you can re-engage lapsed users.

Social selling is every salesperson’s greatest asset, and it’s employee advocacy’s secret weapon!

In this episode, we talk about how your social selling efforts can be taken to the next level with an employee advocacy platform. We’ll cover; how to become THAT go-to person in your industry, why you should embrace employee advocacy as part of your sales process, how to get YOUR sales leaders on board, how employee advocacy becomes effortless lead nurturing at scale, AND, finally, why social selling with employee advocacy is here to stay.

Should employees be rewarded for participating in your company’s employee advocacy program?

As with most things in business, the answer is: it depends. In this episode, we discuss gamification, how it can impact your program, and whether or not employees should be rewarded for participating. We’ll cover; the downsides and how gamification can go wrong, how to decide if gamification will be right for YOUR organization, using leaderboards versus rewards, and, most importantly, how to get gamification right!

It’s no secret that tech companies love alliteration, and we’re no different!

In this episode, we talk about the 3 C’s of Employee Advocacy – content, culture and coordination. We’ll cover; the content that will make your employee advocacy take off, how to power your employee advocacy program with FREE content, the ULTIMATE hack to finding talent for your organization, the number ONE ingredient to employee advocacy success AND finally, how to find the existing influencers in your organization.

We’re starting at the start, well, before the start! In this episode, we talk about the things you need to do way ahead of choosing a technology partner in order to run a successful employee advocacy program.

We’ll cover; choosing a program manager, defining what advocacy-ready content actually means, what success will look like AND finally, the most important thing that you MUST do before launching an employee advocacy program.

Your Host 🎙

Bradley Keenan

Founder and CEO of DSMN8 - the employee influence platform, Bradley, is a British tech-entrepreneur who began providing marketing technology to branded manufacturers in 2003 before founding E-Tale Marketing Solutions in 2009. The company soon became a global leader in ‘Where to Buy’ technology, operating in 45 countries, and supporting 160 clients, including some of the world’s leading technology manufacturers. In 2014 E-Tale was acquired by Channel Advisor Inc. before he launched DSMN8 in 2016. While integrating E-Tale into the new publicly owned parent company, he noticed a considerable divide between sales and marketing. Marketing were producing great content, but very few people were sharing it. Bradley identified this as a waste of valuable energy, creativity, and resources and sought to provide a solution to bridge the gap.

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