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The Ultimate Guide to Employee Influence

From those just starting out on their employee advocacy journey to those managing mature programs, this ultimate guide covers everything you’ll need to guarantee success and empower your employees like never before!

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New Research Reveals Link Between Social Media Presence and Stock Price

Uncovering an Unlikely Link: Social Media Presence & Stock Price [REPORT]

Can employees impact stock price on social media? We’ve done the research!

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The Ultimate Employee Ready Social Media Policy Template

The Ultimate Social Media Policy Your Employees NEED to Have [Free Template]

Se up for employee advocacy success with this free and customisable template.

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How To Turn Your CEO into a Social Media Superstar - Employee Advocacy Podcast

How To Turn Your CEO into A Social Media Superstar [PODCAST]

We talk about how you can get your CEO active and regularly posting on social media.


Employee Advocacy Essentials 🚀

From guides to get you started on your employee advocacy journey to ROI & Reach calculators and even a free social media policy template… Don’t sleep on these essentials!

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The Social Employee (Free eBook)

How engaging employees on social can improve engagement, sales, and visibility.

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Employee Advocacy ROI Calculator

What ROI could you expect from employee advocacy? Find out for free!

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FREE Social Media Policy Template

Grab a free and fully customisable employee advocacy-ready social media policy!

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Employee Advocacy Reach Calculator

How much could you increase the size of your audience through employee advocacy?

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Employee Advocacy Program Set Up Guide

From planning to rollout and beyond. Get set up for employee advocacy success!

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The Employee Influencer Workbook

Your trusty companion to help plan and launch your employee advocacy program.


Podcast! 🎧

On the podcast, we delve beyond the why and get straight to the how so that you can put employee-driven growth at the heart of your organization. Hosted by DSMN8 CEO, Bradley Keenan.

Do this before launching your employee advocacy program

Do THIS Before Launching Your Employee Advocacy Program! [LISTEN]

Don’t ignore this before starting an employee advocacy program.

employee advocacy debate: should you reward employees podcast

Should You Reward Employees for Employee Advocacy? [LISTEN]

The great debate! Should advocacy be incentivized?

the 3 C's of employee advocacy

The Three C's of a Successful Employee Advocacy Program [LISTEN]

Three things that lead to employee advocacy success.

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Get YOUR Employee Advocacy Health Check 🙌

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FREE Employee Engagement Analysis

How active are your employees on social and how does this compare to your competitors? Better yet, what impact is this having and how (if needed) can you improve your employees' presence on social? Find out for free.

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Customer Stories 🔥

Leading companies trust DSMN8 to help achieve their goals through employee advocacy and employee influence. Choose from any of the stories below to find out why!

Greyp Bikes Employee Influencers
Greyp Bikes Logo

How Greyp Bikes generated a 29x return on investment with employee advocacy.

Kreston Reeves Staff
Kreston Reeves Logo

Encouraging Authentic Employee Advocacy in a Risk-Free Way.

Awin Staff
Awin Logo

Unsure not unwilling - how Awin uncovered its own influencers

AkzoNobel Sailing
AkzoNobel Logo

Driving $100k+ Impact with Employee Influencers!

Frank Recruitment Staff
Frank Recruitment Group Case Study

36k+ site visits in 4 months through employee advocates

Unit4 Logo

Turning in-active employees into Social Media Influencers


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