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Welcome to Employee Advocacy 101: DSMN8’s Resource Hub! πŸ‘‹

The Employee Advocacy Certification Course

Become your organization's employee advocacy expert! Enroll in The Employee Advocacy Certification and receive a free copy of Bradley Keenan’s book, Employee Advocacy: 101 Cheat Codes.

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We Analyzed 11,107 Employee LinkedIn Posts

Discover our findings and the key takeaways for getting employees active on social media. Plus the content types and formats they like to share, and what drives the best results.

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Employee Advocacy Masterclass with Dropbox!

Dropbox’s Head of Talent Brand Programs runs through her top tips for your first 30 days of starting an employee advocacy program.

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User Adoption Playbook

The 4-step strategy for scaling employee advocacy throughout your company. Plus, additional resources, an onboarding timeline, and a printable worksheet.

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Employee Advocacy Essentials πŸš€

From guides on starting your employee advocacy journey to ROI & Reach calculators and even a free social media policy template… Here are the advocacy essentials!

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Advocacy

Whether new to advocacy or already running a program, discover everything needed to build a successful program and empower your employees.

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Social Media Policy Template

Grab the fully customizable employee advocacy-ready social media policy template!

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Employee Advocacy ROI Calculator

What ROI could you expect from an employee advocacy program? Find out!

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The Social Employee (eBook)

Discover how having active employees on social improves engagement, sales, and visibility.


Employee Advocacy Reach Calculator

How much could you increase the size of your audience via employee advocacy?

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Employee Advocacy Program Set Up Guide

From planning to inviting advocates and beyond. Get set up for employee advocacy success!


The Employee Influencer Workbook

Your trusty companion to help plan and launch your employee advocacy program.


Finding Your Ideal Advocates Worksheet

Who are the best potential employee advocates in your company? And what content will work best for them? Plan your onboarding strategy with this worksheet.

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Social Media Security Checklist

Ensure your employees stay safe and compliant online with our easy-to-understand social media security checklist.

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Advocacy Training Plan

Help your team get up-to-speed on professional social media use with this employee advocacy training plan.

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Employee Advocacy Glossary

52 key terms and phrases that all employee advocacy program managers and advocates need to know, in a PDF.


Templates Gallery

Find everything from social media templates to key employee advocacy content strategies for program leaders.

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Get Your Employee Advocacy Score! πŸ”Ž

How Active Are Your Employees on Social Media?

How active are your employees on social media, and how does this compare to your competitors? Better yet, what impact is this having, and how can you improve your employees' presence on social? Find out.

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The Employee Advocacy & Influence Podcast! 🎧

On the podcast, we delve beyond the why and get straight to the how so that you can put employee-driven growth at the heart of your organization. Hosted by DSMN8 CEO Bradley Keenan and Senior Marketing Manager Lewis Gray.

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Success Stories πŸ”₯

Leading companies trust DSMN8 to help achieve their business goals with employee advocacy. Read the stories below to find out why!

Greyp Bikes Logo

How Greyp Bikes generated a 29x return on investment with employee advocacy.

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Encouraging Authentic Employee Advocacy in a Risk-Free Way.

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Awin Logo

Unsure not unwilling - how Awin uncovered its own influencers

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Frank Recruitment Group Case Study

36k+ website visits in 4 months through employee advocates

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Unit4 Logo

Turning inactive employees into social media influencers

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AkzoNobel Logo

Driving $100k+ impact with employee influencers

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Employee Social Media Activity Leaderboards πŸ†

Where Does Your Company Rank? πŸ‘€

We regularly research thousands of companies in over 100 industries and rank them based on their social media presence. Our leaderboards celebrate the companies whose employees consistently share company content on social media. Get the latest leaderboard for your industry!

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