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Employee Advocacy at Scale

Do you own the share of voice on social media in your industry?

Extend reach beyond corporate social media channels via the most trusted influencers in your industry - your employees.

Grow content reach ✓

Close deals faster ✓

Access the best talent ✓

Best Employee Advocacy Platform DSMN8

More impact from social for:

Social Media Managers

Boost content visibility and engagement rates while reducing reliance on paid media. Organic social media is back and better than ever.

PR & Comms

Maximize your messages impact by leveraging your employees' networks - they're already connected to the people your organization cares about most.

Employer Brand & HR

Attract and retain top talent by showcasing your company culture through your employees' networks. Easily activate your team to be your brand ambassadors.

Sales Teams & Leadership

Boost your pipeline conversion rates and stay top of mind with your target audience. By effortlessly expanding your network and showcasing your expertise, all on autopilot.

DSMN8 Employee Advocacy Platform

How DSMN8 Works

With DSMN8’s employee advocacy platform, you can easily centralize your organization’s content into a custom news feed.

We provide employees with a streamlined way to share brand-approved content across their professional and personal networks.

Track results and ROI with our industry-leading analytics suite.

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The Results

DSMN8 impacts all areas of your business, from marketing and sales, to HR and recruitment.

Dominate your social feed and outperform the competition!

Results our clients have achieved:


Cost Per Click


Earned Media Value


More Inbound Leads

Companies big and small trust DSMN8 to help empower their employees

The #1 Rated Employee Advocacy Software on G2

Don't just take our word for it... over 360 customers rated DSMN8 5 stars.

DSMN8 is a leader in Enterprise Employee Advocacy on G2
DSMN8 is a leader in Enterprise Brand Advocacy on G2
DSMN8 is a leader in Employee Advocacy on G2
DSMN8 is a leader in Enterprise Employee Advocacy on G2
DSMN8 is a leader in Enterprise Employee Advocacy on G2

From marketing to sales and employer branding teams. Companies the world over are winning at social with DSMN8.

Integrate with your existing tools
in just a few clicks

Social just changed.

Seeing is believing. See DSMN8 in action.


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