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As a world-renowned leader in both mobile and technology solutions, Huawei is committed to building a fully connected world. This extends to employees, specifically the way in which they coordinate and support people in their day to day responsibilities.

One area ripe for improvement was assisting employees in becoming more active across social media, specifically related to sharing company news. In essence, it was becoming a challenge for the organisation to engage employees at scale.

Huawei Technologies is an independent, privately-held Chinese technology company founded in 1987 by Ren Zhengfei. With West European headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany. Managing businesses across 17 European countries.

The company has a global footprint that specialises in providing telecommunications equipment, consultancy, managed services and consumer electronics. Over 188,000 employees work across 170 countries. With the organisation passionate about building a fully connected, intelligent digital world.



Europe Headquarters

Dusseldorf, Germany

Company Size

188,000 Employees

The challenge

Before adopting DSMN8, engaging employees to support social media activity by sharing approved content was proving to be a challenge. Without an easy solution in place, employees were reluctant to engage. This was not only due to uncertainty of what content to share, but also because of the perceived effort required to maintain a consistent and high-quality social presence. This was evident in the data, as less than 1% of employees were sharing content before DSMN8’s launch.

The challenge was set. How could Huawei motivate employees to become socially active, and scale the impact of their messaging across key social platforms?

The solution

Following an in-depth review of many employee advocacy tools. Huawei identified the DSMN8 platform as the best available solution. Selecting the vendor, for not only helping to solve their problem, but also due to how easy employees found using the technology.

Huawei’s biggest requirement was to find a solution that reduced the amount of time and effort required to maintain employees social profiles.

The critical components of the success of the Huawei Advocacy program are:

1. Automation and Segmentation
2. Gamification and Rewards
3. Authentic and Unique Content

Automation and Segmentation
The DSMN8 platforms automation and segmentation features were identified specifically as solving the key problem for Huawei. Employees are able to set permission-based content preferences and automate the sharing process. This was particularly popular with senior leadership who were keen to reduce screen time, without compromising on the quality of the content they share.

Key Fact: Automation was adopted by more than 30% of users.

Gamification and Rewards
The Huawei team tapped into the power of DSMN8’s built-in gamification engine. Introducing leaderboards and a points-based system that tracked employee engagement. This increased motivation and offered employees the chance to receive rewards. Prizes included the latest Huawei mobile phone, shopping vouchers and even fitness accessories.

Key Fact: Launching gamification improved user adoption by over 3X.

Authentic and Unique Content
One of the key features of the DSMN8 platform is the option to include multiple imagery and post copy. This enables the syndication of content at scale in a unique way. Removing the possibility of duplicated content across different employees feeds.

Key Fact: Adding just 5 alternatives for images, post text and preview title creates 125 unique content previews.

DSMN8 worked in partnership with the Huawei social media team to create and execute an effective launch strategy. DSMN8 was systematically launched across multiple departments, markets and job functions. This approach ensured rapid success and adoption of the initiative.

The platform has been extended across Europe and is supported by a team of 10 admin users, who are responsible for guiding wider company adoption, documenting best practices and increasing performance.

The DSMN8 Platform makes it easy for our employees to share relevant and authentic content with their own professional networks.

Hui XuMarketing & Communications Manager

The results

Huawei has successfully transitioned to a company where employees are eager to share branded content. In doing so, these employees have actively grown their own personal brands, made easier than ever before through the DSMN8 platform.
The company has also identified ‘super users’ within each market. These are employees who regularly share content and are seen as ‘highly influential’ through the engagement they receive.

The engagement that employee content has received, has surpassed Huawei’s senior leadership teams expectations. With the return on investment that outweighs previous activity. The efficiency of tapping into the power of employees is clearly more effective than other marketing efforts including PPC, Social Advertising, Display and PR.

The activity now forms an integral part of the companies go-to-market strategy. With the program driving awareness of key messaging through a previously under-utilised channel.

Huawei has fully embraced the opportunity to scale employee advocacy across their business. With 20% of Huawei employees in Europe now using DSMN8 (82% of those invited), even being extended to select partners and suppliers. Adoption of the platform has truly helped support Huawei in their mission to connect the world intelligently.

The impact

In addition to 75million content impressions generated through the platform. The average employee generates the following results each month:

Avg. items of content shared per user
Content Clicks
Clicks per share
Comparative cost per click

DSMN8 has been a phenomenal tool in helping to increase both professional and personal exposure. It has also helped changed the company perception where employees are now proud, pro-active and a collaborative force in sharing brand related content.

Lesley WhiteDeputy Vice President Human Resources

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