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Need the Essentials? Grab the
Employee Advocacy Care Package 🎁

Get Your Organization Ready for Employee Advocacy!

Launching an employee advocacy program…

But not sure where to start?

Or whether you’re even ready to get started?

You’re in the right place 💪

We’ve put together a package of employee advocacy essentials for budding aficionados.

Everything from a social media policy template to a set-up guide.

Skip the webinars, the seminars, the online learning…

Grab everything you need and get set for employee advocacy 🔥

Get Yours 👇

What's Included?

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Influencers

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Influencers

Here’s everything you need to know about the world of employee influence.

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The Ultimate Employee Ready Social Media Policy Template

Social Media Policy Template for Employee Advocacy

Prepare for employee advocacy success with this free and customizable template.

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The Employee Social Media Survey

The Essential Employee Social Media Survey

Find out how your employees are currently using social with this survey.

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The First 60 Days: How to Ensure Employee Advocacy Success - Image

The Employee Advocacy Set Up Guide

From planning to pre-launch and continued success, this is your game plan!

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