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We’re on a mission to drive the evolution of influencer marketing and help our clients empower their employees to become influencers, content creators, social sellers, and publishers.

DSMN8 Team 2021

At DSMN8, we believe that employee influencers are the future of influencer marketing. As people continue to seek trust and authenticity from brands, B2B and B2C brands alike are looking internally for their most authentic ambassadors.

Our goal is to enable businesses to benefit from employee-driven growth and to make it easy for employees to build personal brands. We are currently working with brands of all sizes across the globe to empower their employees to become advocates and content creators. Our star-studded list of clients includes McKinsey, Shopify, Ipsos, Huawei, JCDecaux, and OUTFRONT Media.

Our teams are all over the world, currently split between the UK, Bosnia, Bulgaria and Georgia, with 90% working remotely. We offer a fully flexible work schedule, and we certainly don’t subscribe to the idea that the perfect candidate must be in the right location.

We are always on the lookout for the next superstar employee to join our brilliant team who are passionate about our technology.

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Community reflects the deepest level of camaraderie that is developed within a group and measures the extent to which employees consider that there is a sense of 'family' or 'team'.

DSMN8 | Best Place To Work Respect Score

Respect measures the extent to which employees feel respected by management. It measures the levels of support, collaboration and caring employees perceive as the result of management's actions towards them.

DSMN8 | Best Place To Work Personal Job Score

Personal job measures how employees view their specific contributions to the organization.

DSMN8 | Best Place To Work Caring Score

Caring measures the extent to which managers show an interest in people's well-being by providing a safe and healthy working environment and benefits that support people's lives outside of the workplace. Caring managers are aware of the impact that work has on employees' personal lives.

DSMN8 | Best Place To Work Camaraderie Score

Camaraderie measures employees' sense of enjoyment in the workplace by assessing the level of intimacy they experience, the freedom they feel to express themselves, the sense of hospitality in the workplace environment and the extent o which people feel they are members of a community.

We're proud to be recognized as a Great Place to Work-Certified™ Organisation.

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