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DSMN8 vs Firstup

When researching employee advocacy software, you've likely come across several solutions to help get your employees to share content on social media. Some, like DSMN8 are dedicated platforms, whereas others, like Dynamic Signal by Firstup, are add-ons to employee communications platforms. But how can you tell which solution is right for your organization?

Now, of course we can't provide a completely unbiased view, but we're not here to bash Firstup! Instead of simply comparing every single platform feature, we'll focus on the 3 biggest differences, revealing why G2 users rank DSMN8 as the #1 employee advocacy software.

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Dynamic Display.

Provide multiple images & captions for every piece of content.

Content Segmentation.

Get your content to the right people with groups and teams.

Support & Training.

Support and expert training from your dedicated customer success manager.

DSMN8 vs Firstup

Why G2 Users Rate DSMN8 as the
#1 Employee Advocacy Software

• With DSMN8, your admins can easily curate multiple captions and images for every piece of content. This means employees won’t all be sharing the same thing – an essential for authenticity.

• We help you get your content to the right people. With groups and teams, you can segment content tailored for your advocates in different departments, regions, with multi-language support.

• Your dedicated account manager is here to support you, provide training, and is motivated to see your advocacy program succeed. This, combined with DSMN8’s in-depth reporting and analytics suite, will empower your team to improve your social media content and reach business goals.

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Quality of Support

The highest quality of support score as rated by our users means you can count on us to have your back, whatever your advocacy needs.


Ease of Use

Rated number one for usability across all employee advocacy platforms, ensuring employee adoption is maximized for your program.


Ease of Doing Business

We are your employee advocacy partners - our leading propriety technology helps you to unlock the impact of your employees at scale with ease.

Trusted by the world's most successful companies to empower their employees.

Advanced reporting

Understand the impact of your employee networks through our comprehensive reporting and analytics suite.

Improve communication

The DSMN8 feed acts as a central hub for employees to communicate, read, and share company content. Employees can interact, comment, and tag colleagues.

White label solution

While your company branding comes as standard, we also offer bespoke solutions for those wanting a dedicated app.

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See why users rank DSMN8 as
the #1 Employee Advocacy Platform

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Personalized content

Push ready-to-share content to the right employees based on location, interests, and job role.

Reward employees

Offer recognition through virtual high fives and real prizes using the built-in leaderboard & gamification engine.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Integration through SAML 2.0 makes sign-in faster, simpler, and more secure. Plus, you can even use your existing company credentials.

Integrate with your existing tools in just a few clicks

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