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Here’s WHY Employee Advocacy is Essential for Recruiters

By Lewis Gray26/03/2020October 24th, 2023No Comments
Increase visibility on social DSMN8

Make some noise on social media! Make sure each opportunity reaches as many people as possible. Fill more roles with employee advocacy.

As one of the most competitive and fast-paced industries around, the recruitment industry is continually looking for ways to innovate and stand out from the busy crowd. Whether you’re an in-house recruiter for a world-renowned organization or if you’re recruiting for a bootstrapping startup – recruitment is never easy.

The age of social media has only made things tougher for recruiters. It’s no secret that potential employees will often research a company before they even consider a role, and it only takes one potentially damning employee account to turn them away, and it’s not only social media. With the likes of Glassdoor and Fairygodboss around, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for organizations and recruiters to control the narrative.

Primarily due to the immediacy of social media, email is becoming a less effective and dated form of communication. So people are taking to social media, namely LinkedIn, as a way to develop their personal brands and grow their professional networks. As a result, LinkedIn has become incredibly useful for recruiters. It is both a way to further their reach and get their vacancies seen by more potential candidates while increasing visibility and attracting new clients in the process, which leads us to why advocacy is essential for consultancies.

Employee advocacy is the promotion of an organization or its products/services by its employees. Much like the world of influencer marketing, employee advocates are effectively brand ambassadors for their organization, sharing their company’s content (job opportunities, for recruiters) and industry-relevant content.

In 2020, employee advocacy needs no introduction. It has been at the forefront of marketing for some time now! Many of the biggest brands across the globe are adopting employee advocacy programs and appointing employee influencers.

Employee advocacy is typically associated with brands attempting to further their reach through their employees; however, one of the areas where employee advocacy can be most effective is within recruitment.

Here’s why.

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Increase visibility DSMN8

Take your content to the next level with employee advocacy. Ensure no opportunity goes unseen!

Get Your Roles Seen by More People

The basic theory of employee advocacy is that a company’s employees will have an accumulative reach that is more than 10x the company’s corporate accounts, which means that by getting your employees to share, you are significantly broadening your potential reach. An employee advocacy program will allow you to centralize and attribute this activity, encouraging shares through built-in gamification features and the potential to build your personal brand.

Picture this, a consultancy (Hays, for example) has almost 4 million followers on LinkedIn, which means that when they share a vacancy to LinkedIn, they have the potential to reach 4 million people due to their earned reach. That’s pretty impressive, but the potential to broaden that reach and get more roles seen and filled quicker is enormous.

Hays currently has around 20,000+ employees on LinkedIn, and the average employee will have 1,180 connections. Hays total potential reach using employee advocacy (20,000 x 1,180) would be a whopping 23,600,000 people. Of course, not every employee will be willing to participate or want to share, so let’s work on a conservative assumption of 30% of employees sharing… the potential reach is still over 7 million, almost double that of the company’s corporate page.

It’s worth considering too that due to LinkedIn’s ever-changing algorithm, a company page can be cruelly stung, and your content isn’t guaranteed to reach every one of your followers. So by sharing through more people, there’s more of a chance that job ads will be seen.

Of course, Hays is one of the biggest recruitment companies around right now, so why not try our Reach Calculator? Find out what your potential reach would be based on your employee headcount!


Recruitment DSMN8

Recruitment is an incredibly fast-paced industry. Automation saves precious time to focus on filling roles!

Saves Your Consultants' Time

Recruitment is a fast-paced industry, and time is tremendously precious.

When you’re not promoting a role, you’re writing an email to a hopeful candidate, and when you’re not writing emails, you’re on the phone, and when you’re off the phone, you’re advertising a vacancy on social media, and so on.

We get it.

Time is precious in recruitment, and your hectic work environment can make advocacy seem like another chore that you simply don’t have the time for.

At DSMN8, we foresaw this hurdle.

Taking the time to log in to your employee advocacy platform, find a relevant role, and share with your network with a hook of a caption is time-consuming.

That’s where we’ve been able to save consultants’ time by automating the process.

Yes, that’s right.

Automation in recruitment, who would have thought?

DSMN8’s innovative technology allows employees to connect their LinkedIn account and will enable us to do all the heavy lifting for them.

Admin users can curate a piece of content with multiple preview images and post caption copy to ensure that each post is unique, and is then ready to be automatically shared to a consultant’s LinkedIn feed.

DSMN8’s Smart Scheduling means that employees are always posting at the right time, using an algorithm that takes into account the best times to post, when others are sharing that content, and when that person typically sees the most engagement.

Of course, if a consultant wanted to get ahead of the curb, they can log in on mobile or a desktop to share manually.


Personal Brand recruitment DSMN8

Exercising industry knowledge is a fantastic way to develop your personal brand and grow your network.

Develops Consultants' Personal Brands

Before the introduction of social media, building your personal brand was an entirely different practice.

Your personal brand was built on how you conducted yourself within your industry and was almost entirely based on face-to-face interactions or word-of-mouth recommendations.

Times have changed, and now we are fortunate enough to be equipped with the fantastic tools of social media, offering endless possibilities for personal growth.

The recruitment industry is becoming more and more dependent on social, as having a great personal brand is essential for recruiters.

It gives them the chance to be the first person that comes to mind when a new client is looking to hire, or a potential candidate starts looking for a new opportunity.

Actively sharing vacancies, company news, and industry insights are all fantastic ways for recruiters to establish and build on their personal brands.

Not only does the social media activity guarantee their presence on their followers’ feeds, but it allows them to exercise and demonstrate industry knowledge to potential clients.

We say go the extra mile!

Don’t just let your network know when you have a role available, but celebrate your wins too!

Demonstrating success is all part of personal brand building.

Employee advocates also carry significant employer branding benefits, as they generate huge brand visibility and showcase the latest company content.

Recruitment is an industry with a particularly high staff turnover rate, so take the time to focus on your employer brand to attract the best consultants, and retain those already under your wing.


Frank Recruitment Case Study Image Carousel 6

Frank Recruitment Group launched an employee advocacy program with DSMN8 back in 2019.

Employee Influencers at Frank Recruitment Group

Frank Recruitment Group (FRG) is a global leader in resourcing for IT professionals. The organization is passionate about helping great people find great jobs.

In 2019, FRG began to realize that email was becoming a less effective outlet to communicate with their growing number of consultants. They were keen to identify a mobile-friendly, automated solution that simplified the process for employees while improving business impact and results.

After extensive research into leading employee advocacy platforms, they selected DSMN8 as their preferred partner. They chose the vendor as the most equipped to help deliver impactful results versus alternative solutions.

FRG made the strategic decision to incentivize the use of the DSMN8 platform by offering LinkedIn Recruiter licenses for consultants who used the platform and the built-in automation function.

The company and its consultants instantly saw the benefits the platform had in amplifying the profiles of consultants and their activity consistently without impacting workload. Allowing consultants to focus on key candidates, actions, and deal conversions.

Integrating DSMN8 into broader business processes has multiplied the impact of consultants’ activity. Not only has FRG increased employee productivity, but it has also supported employees in improving performance.

There has been positive adoption throughout the company, with employees now motivated to get even more exposure and engagement from their content. All made easier through the DSMN8 platform. Reach, engagement, connections, and conversions have increased considerably across platforms, including LinkedIn.

Check out the full Frank Recruitment Group case study.


EA Recruitment DSMN8

Get your opportunities seen and fill more roles with DSMN8.

Employee advocacy and the use of advocacy platforms are mostly untapped resources in the recruitment industry. Many organizations are unaware or uninformed on the potential of engaging their employees’ networks.

Centralizing your content and job opportunities is a fantastic way to ensure that your employees are sharing, and ensures that it reaches as many candidates as possible.

Going the extra mile and utilizing automation technology means that your employees won’t have to lift a finger.

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Lewis Gray

Senior Marketing Manager and Employee Advocacy Program Manager at DSMN8. Lewis specialises in content strategy, growing brand visibility and generating inbound leads. His background in Sales lends itself well to demand generation in the B2B niche.