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Empower your employee influence at scale.

Whether you are looking for increased content engagement, more inbound sales, or to find your next superstar employee, DSMN8 has the solution with the all-in-one employee influence platform.

See it in action

Increase employee shares on social with DSMN8

Setup your advocacy program with ease.

• Give your content the reach it deserves

• Grow your social share of voice

• Generate more inbound leads

• Showcase your company culture at scale

See it in action

Any employee, any department, any industry, anywhere

Companies big and small trust DSMN8 to power their advocacy programs

It has never been easier to turn your employees into:

Employee influencers

Supercharge your online engagement by converting your number one asset - your employees into social media influencers.

Social sellers

Generate more inbound sales by empowering your employees to develop their networks and be pro-active across social channels.

Brand advocates

Leverage the unique perspectives of the people closest to your business - your employees to showcase your culture, products and services.

Reward employees

Offer recognition through virtual high fives and real prizes using the built-in leaderboard & gamification engine.

Improve communication

The DSMN8 feed acts as a central hub for employees to communicate, read and share company content. Employees can then interact, comment and tag colleagues.

White label solution

While your company branding comes as standard, we also offer bespoke solutions for those wanting a dedicated app.

DSMN8 v2 Desktop and Mobile Feed - Hooli

Single sign-on (SSO)

Integration through SAML 2.0 makes sign-in faster, simpler, more secure, and you can even use your companies existing credentials.

Advanced reporting

Understand the impact of your employee networks through our detailed reporting and analytics suite.

Personalized content

Push ready to share content to your employees based on their location, interests and job role.

Integrate with your existing tools
in just a few clicks

Supercharge your online engagement by converting your number one asset – your employees into social media influencers for your business.

Your employees will have access to both a desktop and mobile application where they can effortlessly share your content across, social, messenger, email and SMS — boosting organic reach while keeping users up to date with company news and industry trends.

Introducing... DSMN8.

DSMN8 makes it easier than ever before to navigate social network algorithm changes, reduce spiralling advertising costs and have more branded content seen through the people closest to your business – your employees.

You can also choose to offer recognition and real prizes through the built-in gamification engine.

Are you ready to tap into the power of your employees? Maybe DSMN8 is the answer!

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Increase Share of Voice | DSMN8


Greater reach and engagement

Employee created and shared content is 8x more likely to be engaged with vs brand shared content. Plus 90% of your employee networks are new to your brand, meaning you will open up a previously untapped audience. The good news is that employees are ready and willing. Meaning employers should take a supportive role in helping to guide from awareness to advocacy and successfully build influential brand ambassadors.


Reduce your cost to hire

44% of people say they are more likely to apply for a role shared by a contact than other means. Now you can effectively reach a wider audience with your next job role by tapping into the power of your employee’s’ networks for even greater recruitment efficiencies.

Develop Your Talent DSMN8
DSMN8 Reporting Suite - Custom Publishing Channel


Maximize social selling

With thought leadership playing a key part in the decision-making process a more active approach to your employees, social media activity can also increase the number of inbound sales opportunities and increase conversion rates for your organization.

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Reward employees

The in-built gamification engine allows you to reward your most successful employee influencers by offering real rewards and prizes. DSMN8’s integrated leaderboards and points system make it easy to motivate and create healthy competition between teams and individuals.

Showcase Company Expertise | DSMN8
Close More Deals | DSMN8


Fully managed solution

For clients who are looking for a fully managed solution, DSMN8 staff are trained to provide hands-on management of your advocacy program. Whether its a bespoke service tailored to your exact needs or full management. We work with you to ensure the success of your employee program at every stage. All you need to do is choose the level of involvement that is right for you.

Affordable pricing as your program grows.

Big or small, we've made employee advocacy accessible to all.

Secure proprietary technology

Employee advocacy is a 2-way street. It has developed beyond just asking employees to re-share corporate content. The DSMN8 platform makes it easy for brands to provide clarity, support and incentivize employees to create, share and showcase their unique perspectives across their social profiles.

Bradley KeenanFounder & CEO, DSMN8

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Our C-Suite regularly receive feedback from industry peers saying - You guys own social. We see you everywhere! Which is a great validation of our employees' efforts across social and the DSMN8 platform.


Social Media Coordinator

Outfront Empowers Employees With DSMN8

Hassle Free Content Curation

DSMN8 automatically collects your content from existing online destinations like your company website, jobs page, blog and social pages.

Easily Segment What Employees See

You are then able to push ready to share content to your employees based on their location, interest, job role or language.

Activate Your Employees

Employees can then share content with their social media networks. Amplifying the overall reach and engagement your content receives.

Reward Your Employees

You can also choose to offer recognition and real prizes through the built-in gamification engine.
DSMN8 v2 MacBook Feed

Are you ready to give your content the reach it deserves?

Turn your workforce into employee influencers with DSMN8.

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