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Why You Need to Set Goals with Employee Advocacy

By 17/03/2020October 6th, 2022No Comments
Goal Setting with Advocacy DSMN8

Setting individual goals for employees is a great way to work towards hitting your company-wide goals

After you’ve fully established an employee advocacy program within your organization, the next step is individual goal setting. Many marketers express difficulties when attempting to measure the real impact of their content marketing, which is why it’s essential to set goals from the start, both for the company and individual employees alike.

Every employee advocacy program will be unique, and with different desired outcomes, each program will be tailored to cater to the goals defined from the offset. Not only this, but employees will be more inclined to work towards smaller, more personal goals that seem more achievable.

For example, asking an employee in HR to share an additional five pieces of company content per week requires minimal effort and is easily achieved. Individual goals are incredibly straightforward, while still contributing to the company-wide goal of increasing share rates by, say, 30% overall, which will take time and consistency to achieve.

Check out our examples below of some goals you might set for your employees, based on department, job title, and skillset on social.

Goal Setting Table DSMN8

With this in mind, the individual goals you set for your employee advocates will vary depending on their department, role, skill set, and geographical location. It’s important then to understand that each employee will generate more engagement on certain types of content, depending on their role.

A social media manager who is highly experienced on social media will have different goals to an HR manager who rarely uses Twitter or LinkedIn, for example, because their skill set and audience on social will vary drastically.

No doubt, you will have already realized that certain types of content perform better within particular departments. Certain employees are more likely to interact with certain forms of content, whether that’s a comment, a like, or a share.

Ideally, you want your employees to be able to add a unique POV when they share with their networks, which is why having relatable and relevant content will be just the ticket in encouraging more authentic sharing. This happens externally too. When these employees share, they’re sharing with a network of users who have similar interests as them, and so are more likely to engage.

The authenticity becomes ever more important when sharing externally, as it can be blatantly obvious to some when an employee is sharing with company-approved text copy, as opposed to adding their own unique take.

Check out our Venn diagram below that clearly shows which employees are better suited to sharing certain pieces of content. Keep this in mind when setting individual goals.

Content Venn Diagram DSMN8

If your employee advocacy program incorporates a gamification feature too, then this will serve as an extra push to get employees working towards achieving their personal goals. If, like DSMN8, your platform offers your employees the chance to win rewards for their efforts, then the friendly competitive nature of winning will have them sharing and working towards their goals without even thinking about it! Of course, those in departments like sales may already be incentivized by financial kickbacks from commissions, but those in less goal-driven roles may need that extra push!

When it comes to setting goals, it’s common knowledge that the key is to start small. Work towards smaller goals that ultimately contribute to the bigger task at hand. The same rule applies to your employees, setting individual goals for them that can be easily measured will help them realize the effects and potential of their accumulative efforts.

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