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How To Extend The Shelf-Life of Marketing Content

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How To Extend The Shelf-Life of Marketing Content

As a marketer, you probably feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle when it comes to content. From maintaining a company blog, to various social channels…

You’re creating more and more, for less engagement. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Capturing attention online feels more difficult than ever before.

There are simply so many more content creators and publications to compete with.

Not to mention the social media algorithms! 🙃

If you’re in a small marketing team, or the only content creator at your company, it’s a lot.

But don’t panic ✋

It’s not all about creating more content at a faster rate.

Today we’re covering how to extend the shelf-life of marketing content. 🙌

Following these 5 steps will help you get the most from every piece.

Make It Evergreen Gif

1. Make It Evergreen

First up: Evergreen Content. 🌲

It’s the kind of content that stays relevant for a long time, with minimal updating needed.

For example, a ‘How To’ article will have a longer shelf-life than a ‘2023 Trends’ article.

If your goal is to get more clicks from Google, evergreen content is the way.

You’ve only got so much resource, so instead of firing out a bunch of new articles every week, focus on creating content that will stay relevant for a longer period.

We’ve written a guide on how to create evergreen content, so make sure to check that out to learn more!

Any updates? Gif

2. Give Old Content a Refresh!

Don’t let your old content die!

Your company blog shouldn’t be a graveyard of old content. 🪦

Make sure to plan time for amending older content to keep it up-to-date.

This is a great opportunity to turn short-lived articles into evergreen content.

How to refresh your content:

  • Include any new stats or research if appropriate.
  • Remove anything outdated, especially statistics.
  • Improve the copy to fit your brand voice.
  • Switch up the graphics or images.

A content refresh is a sure-fire way to send positive signals to Google, getting more eyes on your articles.

Plus, your updated content can be shared again on social media. A win-win! 🏆

If you’re time-poor, discover your best performing content in Google Analytics, and prioritize updating those first.

Spiderman gif

3. Same Message, Different Format

Be like Spiderman. The actor changes, but the character is the same 🕷

The content format changes, but your core message remains.

Social media is constantly developing, the biggest recent example being the explosion of short-form vertical videos.

Repurposing content for different platforms is a big win for small marketing teams.

You can reach more people with new formats, while utilizing the work you’ve already created. 🙌

Use your blog post as a starting point for:

  • Twitter threads
  • LinkedIn posts
  • YouTube videos
  • Carousels (LinkedIn, Instagram)
  • Podcast episodes
  • Short-form video (TikTok, Reels, YouTube Shorts)
  • Instagram stories

Using various content formats not only allows you to reach a more diverse audience, but it extends the longevity of your content.

Instead of becoming buried in your company blog or LinkedIn feed, repurposing breathes new life into what you’ve already created 🌱

next level gif

4. Level Up with Downloadable Content

Go through your top performing content from the past 6 months, and create downloadable assets for them.

I’m talking about ebooks, printable checklists, infographics, data visualization…

It sounds like a lot of effort, but it’s really not. You’ve already done the research and written the content, so all you need to do is present it in a new way. 💡

Three reasons to do this:

1. Increase the longevity of your content, by creating resources that others are more likely to share on social media and link to in articles.

2. Gain more email subscribers by creating ‘gated’ opt-in content like ebooks.

3. Repurposing the content into different formats engages your readers in a new way. Become known as a helpful authority!

Promote Gif

5. Use Employee Advocacy To Promote Your Content

What’s the number one way to get more eyes on your content, extending its shelf life? 🤔

Employee Advocacy.

As a marketer, it’s absolutely worth encouraging advocacy in your company, even if you don’t have an official employee advocacy program.

Why? 🤔

Well think about this way:

You can reshare and repurpose content on your official brand channels.

But the reach will still be limited. We all know the LinkedIn algorithm doesn’t prioritize company pages. 😫

Whereas if you ask your colleagues to create and share content… the visibility is unparalleled.

People are much more likely to read and click on content from people over brands.

Getting your colleagues to share marketing content on social media boosts visibility by up to 561%. 🤯

As employees grow their personal brands, you extend the shelf-life of your content.

Remember that as their audiences grow, new followers won’t have seen content posted 6 months ago.

Once you’ve refreshed your content and made it evergreen, they can share over and over again. 😏

Simply provide multiple images and post captions for employees to use and you’re good to go!

DSMN8 makes the whole process easy for both marketers and advocates.

Less time spent on marketing content distribution, with better results. 👏

Our clients have seen huge impact, from an 86% Increase in Website Traffic to 6.7 million content impressions in a year!

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We can help with that! 👋

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Emily Neal

SEO and Content Specialist at DSMN8. Emily has 10 years experience blogging, and is a pro at Pinterest Marketing, reaching 1 million monthly views. She’s all about empowering employees to grow their personal brands and become influencers.