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[Infographic] Great ideas for rewarding brand advocates

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Check out these great ideas for rewarding your brand’s biggest advocates with this free and easy infographic.

If you want your advocacy program to grow you need to nurture it just it like a plant. If creating the optimum culture and support for sharing is the soil, then rewards are your water. Rewarding your valuable advocates for sharing your company’s content is a vital ingredient to ensuring that your advocacy program will grow to bear fruit.

There are obvious personal rewards to becoming a brand advocate, especially in today’s modern climate of growing social recruitment and emphasis on personal branding. But you still need to double-down on the great value that your advocates are providing to you, whether they’re your employees or your customers.

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83% of consumers say that they trust recommendations from friends and family according to Nielsen. Those people are your employees and your customers! It’s proven as well that leads from social media convert 7 times more than any other leads. So as you can see, when your advocacy is given the right nutrients, it can be greatly supplement your sales and marketing efforts.

With that in mind, rewards and prizes will help give your program the best chances of success. So, we’ve created this infographic to help inspire you to come up with awesome prize ideas that fit your brand and its advocates.


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