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Employee Advocacy Isn't Just For Marketing

Let me say it louder for those in the back… 📣

Employee Advocacy isn’t just for marketing!

There’s no denying that employee advocacy is a huge opportunity for marketers.

We can see why…

It brings more reach and engagement towards the content that your team spends hours creating!

And when budgets are getting cut, employee advocacy is much more cost-effective than social media advertising.

When starting an Employee Advocacy program, it makes total sense to onboard your marketing team first.


If your program only includes the marketing department…

You’re missing out on a lot. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Why Employee Advocacy Isn't Just For Marketing

To manage a successful employee advocacy program, you need to onboard colleagues in various different departments.

Marketers love supporting other marketers on social media, but your reach will be limited if they’re the only people participating. 😫

Think about it…

The connections and followers your marketing team have will be very different to those of your sales team, HR/recruitment or customer success.

Onboarding these people to your employee advocacy program will diversify and expand the network of people who actually see your content.

Besides, the best kind of employee advocacy program is one that encourages user-generated content! 👏

Filling up your platform with entirely marketing content just isn’t the way to go here.

It’s all about authenticity, transparency, behind-the-scenes, thought leadership…

Empower your employees to create original content. 💪

Check out our guide about the content you need for employee advocacy for some pointers!

You likely have a bunch of experts on your team, whether they’re software engineers, developers, analysts or scientists…

These people have a huge depth of knowledge, making them perfect candidates for creating thought leadership content. 🏆

By leveraging the power of employees from all departments, your company can create a powerful network of advocates to reach business goals in a variety of areas.

Employee advocacy is great for content distribution and engagement…

But it also helps you reach sales targets, recruit excellent candidates, and level up the reputation of your employer brand by showcasing company culture. 🚀

Bring On Senior Leadership for Building Trust

Nowadays, people expect CEO’s to have an online presence.

Building trust is incredibly important for any business, especially in regulated industries like Healthcare, Law, and Finance.

Why would people want to let you manage their money or provide you with medical services if they don’t trust you? 🤨

An online presence that extends beyond corporate pages is the way to go.

People trust people.

Don’t forget that your business leaders, especially C-suite executives, are more likely to have a larger social following, as well as a huge influence within your company.

How To Turn Your CEO Into a Social Media Superstar [Podcast]

Getting leadership buy-in is key for employee advocacy success. 🗝

If you want employees to post on social media, get leadership to lead by example!

Boost Your Social Selling Efforts

Sales is all about building relationships. 🤝

And this increasingly happens online.

59.3% of the world’s population is on social media, and that figure is only growing.

The most effective social channel for both sales and B2B marketing is LinkedIn.

It makes sense right?

LinkedIn is the professional platform that many employees use on a day-to-day basis.

So how can sales teams stand out from the crowd?

With content! 🙌

Employee advocacy enables salespeople to reach more prospects, encourage discussion, and become authority figures within their niche.

According to Edelman, 54% of decision-makers and 48% of C-Suite executives spend over an hour per day consuming thought leadership content. 🤯

Nurturing a prospect in your sales pipeline? Send them your latest think piece on industry trends, or an educational resource!

It’s time to empower your sales team to build a personal brand, providing valuable content to prospects and customers. 🏆

Level Up Your Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding

79% of candidates use social media to check out a company before applying for a job, according to Glassdoor.

79%! 👀

If you want to attract top talent, you need to start showcasing your company culture online.

There’s no more authentic way to do that than by encouraging employees to create their own content, sharing your company values.

LinkedIn revealed that companies with a ‘high number of employees sharing high-quality content and thought leadership’ are 58% more likely to attract talent. 🔥

Employer branding is all the rage right now, as competition for highly-skilled candidates is increasing.

An employee advocacy program that includes more than just marketing content will contribute massively to employer branding efforts.

Show the people behind your brand!

Skyrocket Employee Engagement

Employee advocacy isn’t all about your business goals.

It affects employee engagement and company culture too. 🙌

With the rise of remote working, employee engagement is a concern for many enterprise businesses.

An employee advocacy platform helps you foster better connections between your global teams, and create a sense of belonging and empowerment.

86% of employees in employee advocacy programs said it positively impacted their careers.

What better way to boost employee engagement than by giving employees a voice?

Trusting employees who don’t work in marketing to be more active on social media and create content helps them feel valued, and allows them to up-skill.

Oh, and if you’re using DSMN8, recognizing employee results is easy. 💪

The platform has a built-in leaderboards system for championing your top-performing advocates, and gamification features to make it fun! 🏆

Discover more DSMN8 platform features our clients love.

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