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The World’s Most Active Workforce on Social in 2021

By 10/12/2021October 12th, 2022No Comments
REVEALED: The World’s Most Active Workforce on Social in 2021

Ohhh yes.

We’ve only gone and done it 😎

It’s the end of the year.

And we’ve decided to do something big.

What am I talking about?


If you weren’t aware.

Over the last 12 months 🗓

We’ve been conducting industry-specific research.

Research that allows us to celebrate companies’ employees.

Specifically, employees who are highly engaged.

And consistently sharing content with their networks.

It’s no easy task.

Not without a program in place, anyway 😉

Getting employees using social media is one thing.

But getting them c o n s i s t e n t l y sharing company content and industry news?

ALL while building personal brands 😮

Well, that’s a whole different kettle of fish.

So, WHY do we do this? 🤷‍♂️

Because employee advocacy is our bread and butter!

We wanted to show some recognition.

And really highlight the companies who are doing an exceptional job of getting their employees more active on social media.

Week on week.

We’ve tackled a new industry.

From Automotive to Facilities Services and even Maritime.

You name it.

We’ve covered it! 💪

Now, because we were feeling festive.

We wanted to do something HUGE.

So, we’ve combined all of our research.

To present you with a GLOBAL ranking for ALL industries 📊

To truly determine which company had the world’s most active employees on social in 2021 🌍

Think Spotify Wrapped meets Fantasy Football.

A “year in review” but with some rankings for good measure!

Key takeaways include:

📍 The Global #1 across all industries had a jaw-dropping 53.93% of employees sharing to social media over the space of 30 days.

📍 The Global average across all industries was just 5.95%

Based on our previous research.

We knew that…

(on average)

Around 2% of employees share content to social media each month 📈

That’s without an employee advocacy tool in place.

The rise from 2% to 5.95% highlights the fact that more brands are waking up to the power of their employees’ influence on social media 👏

The last 2 years saw a rapid shift in the way we do our marketing.

Employee advocacy is now truly at the forefront.

And it’s becoming more and more difficult to ignore!

Plus, recently published trend reports indicate that this won’t be slowing down any time soon.

So, where does your company rank in 2021’s “Best of” list?

Fill in the form below to see the full rankings 👇

The World's Most Active Employees on Social

Best of 2021

While you’re looking.

Consider this 👇

Sure, getting 53.93% of employees sharing is impressive.

But imagine if you could see this go as high as 70%.

While consistently hitting 30%-40% each month?

That’s exactly what some of the world’s biggest brands have been able to achieve.

Which means:

⚡️ Elevated brand awareness

⚡️ Authentically demonstrating company culture

⚡️ Generating more inbound leads

⚡️ And winning more business

All with very little effort.

Over the course of 4 months.

One DSMN8 client generated over 36,000 website visits

At a cost-per-click of £0.19.

All via employees’ shares!

Isn’t it time you added amplified social sharing to your marketing plan?

2022 is just around the corner.

When better to start?

Book a demo!

Prefer to speak with us first?

No problem.

Schedule a call with one of the team.

Cheers to 2022 🥂