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Want to Take Your Sales Team to the Next Level? Read This.

By 19/05/2021October 7th, 2022No Comments
DSMN8 - How to Take Your Sales Team to the Next Level

Social media has completely transformed the sales process.

Anyone who works in sales will tell you it is a very dynamic industry with ever-changing trends.

As soon as one sales method gains popularity, it is soon replaced with another. However, one trend that is here to stay is social selling – the practice of using social media to connect with prospects, develop strong relationships with them, and ultimately sell to them.

Recent statistics show that 71% of all sales professionals and 90% of top salespeople are already using social selling tools, while 78% of salespeople engaged in social selling are outselling their peers who aren’t!

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But what if we could make social selling even easier and more effective? 👀

This is where I believe employee advocacy can play a huge role.

Employee advocacy is the method of promoting your brand in an authentic manner through your employees, typically on social media. According to Inc. Magazine, an employee advocacy program can result in a 5x increase in web traffic, 25% more leads, and a significant increase in brand awareness!

Sales teams are extremely busy, so although they may be using social media for selling, they likely don’t have the time to find, curate, and share relevant company content.

An employee advocacy program, however, will enable sales teams to easily share already curated content on social media with their own networks.

And according to MSLGroup, when employees share branded content through employee advocacy, it gets x24 the re-shares of the brand sharing.

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Furthermore, sharing relevant content that shows expertise and industry knowledge will increase the credibility of the sales reps and improve their own online personal brand.

All of this will ultimately lead to more networking opportunities for the sales agents, developing more relationships, and generating more sales! 😉

After all, salespeople who have an active and consistent online presence are more likely to get recognized in the industry, gain the trust of prospects, and develop strong relationships with them. And what is more, according to IBM, leads generated through employee advocacy are seven times more likely to convert!

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However, not everything is about the closed deals.

Possibly an even more significant benefit of using employee advocacy is that sales teams can provide long-term value and build customer loyalty and engagement through it.

In the eyes of their networks, sales reps will become knowledge keepers and experts, which will establish and reinforce brand credibility and loyalty. After all, a company’s employees are a reflection of the company itself. 😏

In addition, research suggests that customers are likely to increase their purchase if they have a positive brand experience.

Through an employee advocacy program, sales teams can share helpful content with customers and keep them informed and engaged every step of the way, ensuring a more positive brand experience.

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So… isn’t it time you provided your sales team with an employee advocacy tool?

Those who are familiar with DSMN8 know that we assist businesses in empowering their employees to create and share company-related content on social media.

DSMN8 has you covered if you’re a sales leader looking to provide your team with the necessary tools for social selling. Our cutting-edge technology enables your employees to share pre-written and pre-approved company content on social media with ease.

Are you short on time? Our employee advocacy platform even includes an automation feature that instantly shares the latest company news to their social media feeds and encourages further sharing by incorporating leaderboards and rewards for top advocates.

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