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The Great Content Panic

By Lewis Gray09/06/2021November 9th, 2023No Comments
This is Fine Dog Meme

It’s Monday morning.

You’re swamped.

According to the time, you’ve been working for an HOUR already.

Mental note: Don’t forget about your coffee.

It’s no surprise time has flown by. 

You woke up to 15 emails, replied to 10, scheduled replies to 5.

And now your inbox says 13 unread.

What?! 😩

But I just…

Oh, never mind.

You power through. 

Once those are done.

Your day starts.

What’s on your to-dos?

“Don’t forget about your cof-“

Oh for fu-

Your coffee’s cold.

Another one ☝️

Start again.

First item on the agenda:

Content! Yes. That’s it. 

We need content.

We need content ASAP.

We need a Tweet and a post for LinkedIn.

Plus the same posts in Story format.

You’re getting content ready to post the same day.

Because you keep saying you’ll schedule in advance but…

Come on. 

I mean, come on.

Stop kidding yourself. 

New tab 👩‍💻

Docs open.

Brainstorming begins.

bruce almighty coffee gif

You have your content pillars.

Your content types.

You know where you have to post.

But you don’t know what.

Content, content, content. 

It’s all you hear.

More content.

Better content.

User-generated content. 

More, more, more 😰

What’s worse?

Your field is kinda niche. 

How much more can you add?

How many more angles can you take?

What can you say that hasn’t already been said?

A guest post!

That’s it!

You’ll write a guest post 🙌

You’ll get someone else to say it.

Great for engagement.

Great for reach. 

Third-party sharing.

Nailed it! 🕺

Hold the phone.

Posting today.

Who can guest post with a few hour’s notice…

Scratch that.

Second idea. 

“3 ways in which SEO can…”

help me gif

Headache, right? 💆‍♂️

Content creation isn’t easy.

In today’s climate of more content, better content, and “post or you don’t exist”.

Content quality is dropping. 

And it’s seemingly impossible to keep up. 

Not because you’re not doing enough.

And who can blame you? 🤷‍♂️

No matter the size of your team, we all play in the same arena. 


No matter whether you’re a team of 200 with a marketing team of 5.

Or a team of 10 with a marketing team of 0. 

You’re up against the same standards of those with 100x those resources.


I’m not trying to make you reach for an aspirin. 

I’m here with a solution ☝️

Well, I’m not superman.

But it will certainly help!

Now, before you assume this is more marketing gibberish.

Trust me.

It’s simpler than it sounds. 

you have my attention gif

Marketing is brand-centric. 

Whether that’s your corporate brand or your employer brand.

You can’t ignore it. 

2020 changed everything 🌍

And that includes how buyers see brands.

So naturally, marketers and HR teams are doing the most to improve theirs. 

Employees are the key to elevating your corporate brand AND your employer brand.


They are the faces behind the logo. 

The voice behind the motto.

They’re the people behind the name.

They’re not only the key to branding success.

They also provide the solution.

They have the ability to add that splash of authenticity that will attract both prospective buyers AND prospective candidates.

They’re your fast-track ticket to crowdsourcing authentic content at scale

No more cold coffees 🙅‍♂️

No more content headaches.

How? Willem Defoe Gif

So, how?

It’s simple.

Give your employees the tools to create and submit their own content.

Written content.

Photo content.

Video content.

DSMN8 is the all-in-one app that allows them to create, submit and share EGC. 

Okay, so why would they?

Reward and incentivise the process within the app itself. 

Give them credit. 

Communicate the importance of personal branding

Then streamline the content creation + submission process.

We’ll even handle the usage rights within the app.

One click, and done 🚀

Give other employees the chance to share content their colleagues have made.

Even content YOU’VE made.

Heck, we’ve got the tools.

Turn your content creation machine into an army of brand ambassadors.

And incentivize that sharing too!

Crowdsource employee-generated content and give that AND your content the reach and engagement it deserves. 

What’s more?

Leveraging EGC just got a whole lot easier.

Ready to get started with employee advocacy?

Book a demo!

Prefer to speak with us first?

No problem.

Schedule a call with one of the team.

Content creation doesn’t have to be a headache. 

We are lucky enough to be able to create content on a daily basis.

Let’s 👏 make 👏 it 👏 fun 👏 again.


Lewis Gray

Senior Marketing Manager and Employee Advocacy Program Manager at DSMN8. Lewis specialises in content strategy, growing brand visibility and generating inbound leads. His background in Sales lends itself well to demand generation in the B2B niche.