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Discover the true story behind blogging for your business with this infographic. We’ve put together 6 amazing stats taken from a survey of over 1,000 businesses…

For most businesses blogging has become a regular practise, some might even say crucial. For others, it still seems like an inconvenient necessity, like having a Google+ profile. The truth that you’re about to discover, if you had any doubt, is that blogging can be a fundamental driver for your business.

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According to Neil Patel (content marketer and collumnist for Huffington Post), well over half of consumers are influenced by content marketing. The other side of that coin is the proviso that it has to be done properly, that means correct planning, targeting and application.

What we’ve seen from this latest study by Orbit Media is that successful companies have acknowledged the power of their blogs and are investing more thought and resources into them. The result of this has been a 20% increase from 2016 in companies who say that their blog delivers ‘strong results’. You’ll also learn that this includes giving creative teams the freedom and the time to focus on writing.

What does this all mean for businesses like yours? That depends on how important you consider your blog to be for driving sales already. If your response is ‘not at all’ then the answer is simple, look at the stats. For companies who have already experienced success from blogging, then perhaps you’ll discover a new strategy for improving those performances. Of course, it might just confirm what a fantastic job your creative team is doing!

From experience with our own clients, interest in employee-led creation as a source of quality content. The beauty of which is explained in this article.

We’d like to thank Orbit Media once again for carrying out this survey, we hope you enjoy the infographic.



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