[Infographic] 5 Benefits of Social Media & Sales

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5 key benefits of enabling social media for your sales teams. This is taken from our latest free whitepaper ‘Social & Sales’.

Have you embraced the benefits of social media for your selling strategy? Don’t worry if you haven’t or even if you just need reminding because we can help. A key chapter in our latest whitepaper explains the 5 main reasons why you should turn your selling team into a social selling team.

Check out our infographic on the 4 Traits Of Successful Social Employees

We’re pleased to share these with you right here in the form of an infographic that’s easy to digest and to share. The truth is that there is actually a multitude of benefits to empowering all of your employees for social, not just your salespeople. But we also know that sales teams need to quickly adapt to the modern consumer climate, perhaps quicker than others.

In this infographic, we’ve pooled together some amazing insight from our own experience and important third party research. Then, if you really like what you see you can download the full guide for free by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

Need a little convincing? Well, a recent study titled ‘Social Media and Sales Quotas- A research report for B2B companies’ showed that non-social sellers failed to meet their quote 15% more often than their colleagues.

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