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How Internal Video Announcements Take Remote Working to the Next Level

By 11/03/2020February 14th, 2023No Comments
DSMN8 Video Announcements

DSMN8 features internal video announcements for truly effective remote leadership

The last month has seen a surge in conversation around remote working. Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, and thanks also to recommendations for companies to consider remote working options from the CDC, more and more organizations are having to consider alternatives to the traditional office working environment.

One of the biggest perceived setbacks of a remote workforce is effectively managing your employees. A concern commonly expressed by organizations of all sizes is that, with a remote workforce, employees will lose touch with the company, and become distant and disengaged due to lack of direct involvement.

The obvious solution would be to opt for an internal communications tool. Slack, for example, might spring to mind as a solution for employees to communicate. However, for large organizations, being able to communicate with just your team or department simply isn’t enough, as it further segments your company and does little to overcome geographical and departmental boundaries.

In 2020, companies are spread geographically far further than they have ever been, which means that effectively communicating with your staff in one place is harder than ever. Outside of email, which in itself is somewhat impersonal, there hasn’t been an accessible way to communicate with your workforce in real-time, in a way that creates an internal community and builds on company culture.

Video Communications Solutions DSMN8

Video communications are a critical part of remote working

The Solution: Video Communications

In the digital age, video has become one of our most effective forms of communication, whether to converse or to educate, video content performs exceptionally well both internally and externally across social media.

Video-first is a communication strategy that emphasizes establishing a video-based company culture, and Forbes lists this as one of their top ways to manage a remote workforce. DSMN8 has pioneered this with Engage and its innovative video updates feature.

DSMN8 provides a unique internal communications platform, which allows you to manage your remote workforce easily, in a way that is secure, controlled, and managed, even offering the possibility to tie in with your employee advocacy program.

Video Updates with Engage DSMN8

Remote leadership is easier than you think with DSMN8’s video announcements

Video Updates with DSMN8

Video updates are an effective way of communicating those critical company updates, instilling a sense of involvement, and increasing employee-knowledge and education. Video updates can be adopted by senior management to communicate with employees, regardless of their department or geographical location.

A video update within DSMN8 can be segmented to those whom it may be relevant to. For example, company-wide, across departments, or to any one team it may apply to. Meaning that you can disseminate all updates company-wide, or solely to those they may be relevant to. It can be very easy for a CEO of a large organization to appear disconnected from the company, but with video updates, they can put themselves right in front of their workforce to communicate in a way that is both personal and accessible.

Perhaps you have a new recruit you’d like to welcome to your remote workforce; a video message can be just the ticket to allow them to make a proper introduction and display their personality. Maybe you have an employee in engineering who has been working on something they’d like to demo or get some feedback on. These are just a handful of uses for video communications that will help maintain employee knowledge, heighten education, and preserve your company culture. You can even Pin a particular post, ensuring that no updates are missed.

The feature is simple to use, incorporated into a feed that is intuitively reminiscent of most major social media platforms. Meaning it has never been easier to broadcast a message to your employees. A CEO, for example, can update or communicate with their employees through the built-in video feature within the mobile app.

Video Updates on Mac DSMN8

Pinning posts to the top of employees’ feeds means nothing goes unseen

The video updates feature is just one of an array of unique features within the DSMN8 platform. It also boasts Polls and High Five features that are innovative ways to maintain employee interactions outside of the office. The Polls feature enables your company to canvas a broader opinion on some critical decision-making by creating company-wide or department-segmented polls. High Fives allow any user to offer praise to a colleague who has done something outstanding and can be visible across the entire company, ensuring that everyone receives recognition for their efforts. You can even start conversations with colleagues by interacting with likes and comments.

The whole platform can be easily managed by either a dedicated program manager or a few team leaders who can oversee the day-to-day running of the platform. Our Advocacy platform allows companies to manage their employee communications and content marketing all in one place. DSMN8 offers both mobile and desktop applications, allowing your employees to stay connected and have their say, no matter where they are.

Communicating with your employees at ease is something that all organizations should strive for, whether office-based, fully, or partially remote. Managing your remote workforce just got easy, and if ever, now is a prime time to consider your options and get involved.

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