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Developing Your Marketing Strategy With Employee Advocacy

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Employee Advocacy can help you develop your marketing strategy and improve the reach and engagement of your content.

To quickly summarise Employee Advocacy and how it can help your marketing process. Employee Advocacy is the sharing of company content by employees with their own social networks. You may also have heard of it referred to as Brand Advocacy or Social Selling. Social selling tends to be more focused on driving a sale through social media use and is often associated with B2B sales teams more directly. By utilizing Employee Advocacy you are able to expand your professional network and develop your marketing reach company-wide.

Understand Your Marketing Data

By utilizing Employee Advocacy you will have an in-house team of advocates and influencers. Not only will they be sharing content and increase your marketing reach but they will allow you to be able to generate candid and authentic feedback. Firstly you will be able to see the data from who is sharing what within your company, you will be able to notice that your sales teams may be sharing a particular type of content, which is also proving very effective. By doing this you can gain enormous insight into your marketing campaigns finding how effective they truly are and where your customers or clients’ interests lie. By better understanding the behavior of your advocates you’ll be able to fill in a massive gap between your content and your customers.

Wider And More Engaged Marketing Reach

According to LinkedIn the average collective of employees’ social networks outnumbers their company’s ten-fold. This increased reach is an incredibly unrecognized potential. By encouraging your employees to share company content they will not only increase reach but will also increase your engagement. Consumers are far more likely to trust and engage with content that is being shared by their peers as opposed to a company account. It naturally comes with more authenticity and because of this, you gain much higher click-through rates and engagement. On top of this increase in engagement, consumers are far more likely to share third-party content if it has initially come from a friend’s account.

Increase Cooperation between Marketing HR and Sales

If you’re still not convinced, here’s one to tell your boss, companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202% according to the MSL Group. Employee advocacy helps to bring a number of departments within your company together to be able to work more cooperatively. Utilizing Employee Advocacy helps bridge the gap between Marketing, HR, and Sales, targets and strategies can become more aligned within the office, which defines your marketing strategy. You are able to see what resonates with your target markets and from there you can begin to share that content through your employees and generate better engagement.


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