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8 Easy steps to optimize your LinkedIn profile and become an All-Star [Infographic]

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Are you looking to take your LinkedIn game to the next level and become an all-star? 

The benefits of an active LinkedIn profile are widely known. However, clients often ask us what can they do to optimize their own LinkedIn profiles for maximum success.

If you’re familiar with LinkedIn and its ever-changing algorithms, you’ll know that even reaching your audience of followers can be a challenge, let alone trying to engage a wider audience outside of your network. 

Of course, LinkedIn isn’t trying to make things difficult. The algorithms are put in place for the user’s benefit to reduce the spread of spam/inappropriate content and to ensure that what you’re seeing is most appealing to you. In fact, the most recent major update to the algorithm was put in place to broaden engagement. LinkedIn was seeing a disproportionate amount of engagement going to its “top users,” which left those with fewer followers in the dust.

Despite this, it does mean that you’ll have to work extra hard and pay close attention to detail if you want your content to fulfill its potential by driving maximum reach and engagement. That’s why we created the below infographic for how to optimize your LinkedIn profile. 

It highlights the simple steps you can take to ensure that you connect with more people, drive new conversations and open up better opportunities.

Check out the infographic below to find out more.

Pro tip: Remember that how your content looks can do wonders for generating clicks and engagement, so be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide to Social Media Sizes to make sure yours is always up to scratch.

How to optimise your LinkedIn profile by DSMN8

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