The USA’s Most Socially Active Advertising Media Professionals – November 2020 Report

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At DSMN8, we regularly conduct research to celebrate the companies whose employees are highly engaged and consistently sharing content with their own networks. This month we’re looking at some of the biggest Advertising Media Organizations across the United States.

Leveraging employees’ networks on social media is a vastly untapped resource for many marketing teams across the globe. When employees share, they have a combined reach that far surpasses the reach of the company’s own social accounts. Failing to utilize this is a huge missed opportunity.

Encouraging employee participation in sharing and creating content can often be a tricky task without a formal program in place. However, some organizations across the US are doing an exceptional job of this, with the top spot in November secured with 31.56% of employees sharing vs an average of just 9.31%. Well done to all those setting the bar high!

So, where does your company rank, and is there room for improvement? Download the full list below to find out.

While you’re looking, consider this – DSMN8 customers get 30-40% of employees regularly sharing company content, with some accounts seeing over 70%. We streamline and automate the process, which means greater awareness, more inbound leads and more sales, with very little effort. Isn’t it time you added amplified social sharing to your marketing plan?