The World’s Most Socially Active Pharmaceutical Employees – July 2020

DSMN8 has conducted research analyzing the professional sharing habits of employees from over 4,000 pharmaceutical companies across the world.

Leveraging employees’ networks across social media is a significantly untapped resource for many marketing teams and organizations across the globe. Combine employee networks with an industry as sensitive as pharmaceuticals and the process can be more complicated to manage, which is why we believe those that are leading the way deserve some recognition!

Our June – July leaderboard for pharmaceutical companies across the globe found that the average number of employees who share to LinkedIn is just 7.54%.

Companies that roll out formal employee advocacy programs with DSMN8’s technology typically see 30-40% of their employees regularly sharing company content to social, with some clients reaching as high as 70%.

So, where did you rank? Download the full leaderboard below to find out.