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The World’s Most Active Oil & Energy Employees on Social – Sept 2020

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At DSMN8, we regularly conduct research to celebrate the companies whose employees are regularly sharing content to social media. This time we’re looking at some of the world’s biggest oil & energy companies.

Leveraging employees’ networks on social media is a vastly untapped resource for many marketing teams across the globe. Employees have a collective reach that far surpasses the reach of your corporate accounts. Failing to utilize this is a huge missed opportunity.

Getting employees to create and share content on behalf of their organization can be a tricky process without an incentive or formal program in place. However, as always, some of the companies we looked at this month are doing an awesome job of this. The company who took the top spot in this industry through August – September did so with an impressive 30.85% of employees sharing. Well done to those who are setting the bar in this sector!

Companies that roll out a formal employee advocacy and influence program with DSMN8 typically see 30-40% of their employees sharing company content to social on a monthly basis with little effort, some accounts seeing as high as 70%.

So, where does your company rank, and is there room for improvement? Download the full list below to find out.