The World’s Most Active Computer Software Employees on Social – August 2020

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We’ve researched over 1000 companies in the computer software industry to analyze the sharing habits of employees at some of the world’s biggest software companies.

Our leaderboards aim to celebrate the companies whose employees are consistently sharing company content to social media, helping to increase company share of voice, elevate your presence online, maximize website traffic and generate new business.

Based on our findings here, it’s clear that many in the industry are crushing it, but there’s no doubt that some are missing a huge opportunity here. The average number of employees sharing per company in the industry was 20.97%, which means that on average, 80% of your workforce is silent on social.

Companies who adopt a formal employee advocacy program with DSMN8 typically see at least 30-40% of their employees sharing, with some accounts seeing as high as 70%.

Where did your company rank, and is there room to improve? Download the leaderboard below and stay tuned for monthly updates.