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USA’s Most Socially Active Legal & Law Professionals – July 2020

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Here at DSMN8, we live and breathe employee activity on social. Why? Employees are, for many organizations, a vastly untapped resource for content marketing. The basic theory of employee advocacy is that your employees will have a cumulative reach that is around 10x that of your company page. So, by having your employees share your content, you can reach and engage a much wider audience. The potential for organic reach is not to be overlooked, especially on LinkedIn.

We have seen tremendous success with our clients in an array of industries, and we typically see 30-40% of total employees regularly sharing to LinkedIn once their employee advocacy programs are underway, bringing cost-per-click down to as little as $0.03. With certain clients, we’ve seen as many as 70% of employees actively participating in the program. Not only do employees generate more traffic, but their efforts are considerably cheaper than the paid media alternatives.

We recently started producing reports on employee share rates based on industry. This month, we’ve collected data on employee share rates for firms in the Law & Legal Services industries, and created a document of raw data based on their staff activity on LinkedIn. In these reports, we aim to celebrate those who are performing particularly well and truly owning social with their content output and employees’ activity.

For this report, we want to congratulate those who have performed particularly well from June-July. Special shout out to the top three, who are Barnes & Thornburg, Littler, and Jackson Lewis P.C. Almost 20% of these companies’ employees shared to LinkedIn in the last 30 days. Keep it up!

The industry is showing an average employee share rate of 8.6% per month. Meaning, of a company’s total employee count on LinkedIn, 8.6% of them have shared to LinkedIn in the last 30 days.

Check out the graph below for some insight into the top 10!

Download the full report to see how your employees are contributing to your marketing efforts.

Note: This share activity is not exclusively company content shared. Instead, it is the total number of employees who have shared anything in any form to the platform. DSMN8 is not responsible for the accuracy of this data. The data is publicly available and was sourced using LinkedIn’s premium functionalities.

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