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Revealed: The World’s Most Socially Active Pharmaceutical Employees

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Revealed: North America's Most Socially Active Pharmaceutical Employees DSMN8

At DSMN8, employee activity on social media is everything. Why? In short, for many organizations, their employees remain an untapped resource for maximizing their marketing efforts across social media. So much so that LinkedIn recently found that only 3% of employees share company content with their networks, but those that do are responsible for a 30% increase in social media engagement.

The theory of employee advocacy is that your employees, when collectively sharing, will have a potential reach that dwarves the reach of your company pages’ reach. Not only this, but your audience trusts your employees more.

In an industry as sensitive as pharmaceuticals, employee social media activity tends to be low, and understandably so. After all, it’s not that your employees don’t want to share, it’s that they don’t know why they should or, more importantly, what they can share. These reasons are exactly why an employee advocacy program is a must-have for pharmaceutical companies. A centralized feed of pre-approved content, coupled with pre-approved post captions and the right amount of incentivization is just the ticket.

We have seen tremendous success with our clients in an array of industries, including pharmaceuticals. Check out this case study from the German pharma company Grünenthal.

We recently started producing reports on employee share rates based on industry. In these reports, we aim to celebrate those who are performing particularly well and truly owning social with their content output and employees’ activity. It is for the above reasons that we have decided to put together a report on the pharmaceutical sector. After all, in such a sensitive industry, the ones who are still crushing it on social deserve some recognition!

We want to take a moment to give a special shout out to the top three companies in the global leaderboard, who are Barrington James, Craveri, and BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy. Over 30% of all these companies’ employees shared to LinkedIn in the last 30 days. Great work!

The industry is showing an average employee share rate of 7.54% per month. Meaning, of a company’s total employee count on LinkedIn, 7.54% of them have shared to LinkedIn in the last 30 days.

Check out the graphs below to see the top 10 for your region:

Download the full report to see how your employees are contributing to your marketing efforts.

Note: This share activity is not exclusively company content shared. Instead, it is the total number of employees who have shared anything in any form to the platform. DSMN8 is not responsible for the accuracy of this data. The data is publicly available and was sourced using LinkedIn’s premium functionalities.

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Eager to explore employee advocacy? Download your free copy of The Ultimate Guide to Employee Influencers to learn how to leverage the organic reach of your most powerful asset – your employees. Or check out our Reach Calculator to see how you could maximize your reach with DSMN8.

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