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DSMN8 Ranked #1 in G2’s Summer 2021 Reports!

By Lewis Gray22/06/2021January 9th, 2024No Comments
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New! DSMN8 Winter 2024 Reports

2021’s “award season” might be over.

But ours feels like it’s just getting started! 🏆

It’s been a pretty busy week for us.

Yesterday, we shared some big news.

We became a finalist for a Gartner Communications Award.

In the “Excellence in Communications Technology” category.

(We’ve made it to the final 6 for our work with Unit4!)

Wish us luck for awards night! 🥂


G2’s Summer Reports were released…

And we are smiling ear to ear!

Why? In short – Things are looking juicy! 💃

Boy Scout With Badges gif

And we’re sporting more badges than a Boy Scout!

#1 Best for Usability

#1 Ease of Setup

Momentum Leader for 2021

High Performer in the Employee Advocacy, Employee Engagement AND Internal Communications categories!

(to name a few!) 😉


Not-so-humble brag out of the way.

Why am I so excited?

Why are WE so excited?

Well, here at DSMN8.

We pride ourselves on a number of things.

Our product.

Our customer service.

Our company culture.

…okay, really the list is endless 🙄

But needless to say.

When we opened it up to the people.

(DSMN8 customers & G2 users)

And gave them the chance to tell us what they think.

And they said:

(in other words)

“We love it!”

We were pretty freakin’ happy! 😁

We’re at the forefront of the evolution of influencer marketing.

Working with brands of all sizes and across a range of industries.

Helping them transform the way they do their marketing.

How they sell their products and services.

and how they engage their employees.

All by transforming their workforces into:

  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Content Creators
  • Social Sellers
  • Publishers
  • Influencers

Constantly developing this is what drives how we work every day.

And it’s what motivates us to deliver the best in employee engagement solutions.

So, cheers to that and roll on the Fall 2021 Reports! 🥳


One last thing left to say.

And that is THANK YOU.

Thank you to our wonderful clients.

Thank you to all the G2 users.

And a big thank you to everyone at #TeamDSMN8 for continuing to drive us forward!

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Lewis Gray

Senior Marketing Manager and Employee Advocacy Program Manager at DSMN8. Lewis specialises in content strategy, growing brand visibility and generating inbound leads. His background in Sales lends itself well to demand generation in the B2B niche.