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Centralize employee influence to grow your business at scale.

Innovative employee-generated content curation, creation and sharing tools that empower your employees to become in-house influencers for your organization. Used by senior leadership, marketing, communications, sales, and HR teams.

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DSMN8 is a leader in Employee Advocacy on G2
DSMN8 is a leader in Enterprise Employee Advocacy on G2
DSMN8 is a leader in Enterprise Employee Advocacy on G2
DSMN8 is a leader in Enterprise Employee Advocacy on G2

Where All of Your Employee Influence Comes Together

With our employee influence solutions, we'll help you source and share authentic content at scale, maximize your reach and generate huge engagement across the board. Unlock the power of the people closest to your organization - your employees.

Source Authentic Content at Scale

There's no denying that one of the biggest pain points of marketing is creating enough content to meet the demands of modern digital marketing. With employee content creation tools Lens and Author, you're able to source authentic employee-generated content, which is statistically more likely to engage and resonate with your audience.

Photo and Video Content for Days!

Sourcing and sharing authentic content has never been easier! With Lens, you're able to put content creation into the hands of your most worthy creators - your employees. Lens allows employees to capture, submit, and share photo and video content for company-wide use, and be recognized and rewarded for their efforts!

Elevate Your Employer Branding Efforts

Few things are more telling to quality candidates than what your current employees are saying about you, and most people will check social media before they consider applying for a company. Employee-generated content allows your employees to showcase your company culture via your most trusted ambassadors.

Organically Amplify Your Brand Messaging

Create a centralized content feed that makes it easier than ever for employees to share company and industry-relevant content. Employees' accumulative networks are typically 10x the size of your company social media pages, and people are statistically more likely to trust employees over their employers. Using our streamlined Advocacy tool, they can share to all major networks in seconds.

Reward Employee Participation and Success

There's no denying that some employees will need an incentive to participate! Acknowledge employee participation and allow them to earn points for completing actions such as sharing, creating, and submitting content. Drive user adoption and engagement even further by setting up company-wide or team specific recognition and real prizes with the built-in points-based gamification engine.

Dedicated Program Manager Features

Full oversight of your employee program is complemented with exclusive program manager all-access, and every program is assigned a dedicated customer success manager. Whatever the scale, manage your program with ease. Also assign permissions to specific groups, departments, or roles for additional support. Allowing specific employees to curate, review, and approve submissions.

Engage wider audiences organically with more authentic content.

Easily create, source, and share more authentic content.

One of the biggest pain points faced by marketing teams today is maintaining content ouput. In a digital landscape that is quickly consuming and ever-changing, visual content is king.

Not only is photo and video content more in demand right now, but it dominates social media feeds and is favoured by users and algorithms alike.

Specifically, photo and video content, and most companies rely on their social media community managers to take photos and videos, but of course, they can't be everywhere at once.

With employee-content creation tool Lens, employees are able to become your very own in-house photographers and content creators. Capturing those special moments and uploading them to Lens for approval and company-wide usage. Employees can submit their social media handles for credit, and even be rewarded for their efforts!

It's never been simpler to source authentic content that will not only generate engagement but also reflect well in the eyes of prospective candidates!


Gamification                      Native Photo Sharing

Native Video Sharing       Native Video Sharing

Showcase Your Company Culture DSMN8

Watch social media engagement rates soar as you empower your employees to share for you!

In a time where trust in brands is at a low, people are more likely to engage with someone they know over any form of branded content, which is why employees should be at the heart of your content marketing efforts!

The stats? Employee-shared content typically sees 8x the engagement (Social Media Today Employee Advocacy Survey 2019) when compared to brand shared content. Meaning the answer to greater performance for your key messaging is already within your business.

Combine this with 92% of consumers trusting peer recommendations (Expert Voice, Psychology of Brand Trust), even from those they don't know, over brand content, and you'll quickly realize the effects of employee influence!

DSMN8's advocacy and content creation tools make it easier than ever for your employees to create, source, and share engagement-driving content.


Content Customization       Content Tagging

Unique Content                    UTM Tracking


DSMN8 Employee Influence Reporting Suite

Empower your employees to build and develop their personal brands.

Building a personal brand is just as much in your employees' best interests as it is in the best interest of the business. Why? Personal branding has been a part of sales for as long as sales has been around.

In the age of social media, your personal brand can be just as much about what you say as it is what you do. Thus consistently sharing industry and company insight is a fantastic way to showcase some thought leadership and expertise in your field.

A key aspect of social selling is to build rapport with your prospects, but the conversations arise when you're able to get your content and company in front of them on social.

How does DSMN8 support personal branding? By offering your employees a centralized feed of pre-approved company and third-party content for them to share in a matter of seconds. It's never been easier for your employees to develop their personal brands on social, ensuring that they (and your company) are the first ones that spring to mind when a prospect is ready to buy!


Centralized Content Feed       Leaderboards & Rewards

Pre-Approved Caption Copy     Native Sharing

Develop Your Talent DSMN8

Take your content marketing to the next level with employee influence.

The basic theory of employee advocacy is that your employees will have an accumulative reach that is more than 10x that of your company social media pages. Not only do employee shares see more engagement, but collectively they're able to reach and engage a much wider audience.

Using DSMN8's Advocacy solution, companies of all sizes have been able to grow their share of voice on social media, all by making it easier for their employees to become more active across their social networks.

In most instances, employees aren't sharing not because they don't want to, but because they don't know what to share, nor what they can say about what they do share.

Our Advocacy tool allows you to build a centralized feed of ready-to-share content that is relevant to each individual employee. Not only this, but posts can be curated with multiple pre-approved caption copy, making it easier for employees to share and allowing the syndication of content at scale without fear of duplication.

Leveraging your employees' networks has never been simpler!


Content Sources          User & Team Segmentation

Native Sharing              Gamification

Increase Share of Voice | DSMN8

DSMN8’s employee influence tools are powerful alone — but they’re even better together.



The employee influencer platform. Everything you need to turn your employees into powerful brand advocates.


The easy to use employee content solution. Everything you need to leverage employee-generated photo and videos.


The scalable employee publishing solution. Everything you need to scale employee-generated short and long-form written content.

Employee Advocacy Platform | DSMN8

Get even more with our enterprise employee advocacy software solution.

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Pair our Employee Influence solution with DSMN8 content creation tools for authentic, powerful employee-generated content production that showcases your true company culture.

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Employee Influence
Software for Your
Entire Organization

IOS & Android Apps

Be in the palm of your employee's hands. Intuitive IOS and Android mobile applications enable easy use by all employees whatever the level of a user's technical ability.

Analytics & Reporting

Insight into your entire employee advocacy program showing detailed performance. UTM parameters also allow you to integrate your program data with the platforms you already use (Google Analytics, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more).

Company Notifications

Targeted, real-time, or automated notifications across any device. Dispatch those critical updates wherever employees are across email, mobile push, and in-app.

Simplified User Experience

Design and user interface similar to many of the popular social media applications enable easy use by all employees whatever their level of technical ability.

Integrate Trusted Sources

Your top content ready and waiting to help quickly scale and grow your program without manual content management. Minimize the level of effort required while keeping your employees engaged & program fresh.

Employee Personalization

The most relevant content experience to each employee through user and team tags. A custom feed ensures a more relevant program, meaning greater adoption and success!

Brand Customization

Create a familiar experience by customizing DSMN8 using your company's logo & colours across desktop and mobile to drive familiarity and user adoption.

Simplified Social Sharing

Directly share to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Xing, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Email. The platform enables you to measure employee reach and track unique engagement across social channels.

Employee Polls

Want instant feedback - you've got it! Easily set up a quick survey for employees to answer. Decide whether to poll specific employees, groups or go company-wide.


Employee Advocacy Brands | Sarah Ruzgar, Awin

Employee shares on their personal social channels via DSMN8 has become one of the highest referrers of traffic to the AWIN site, securing employee advocacy as a core part of our marketing strategy. Seeing the results further motivates our teams to continue sharing company content.


Global Communications Lead

DSMN8 Employee Advocacy Client Awin

Take content marketing further with your employee influencers.

Bring your teams, social channels, and content together to launch a high-impact communications program in no time!

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Thousands of employees around the world use DSMN8 to make brand communications more human at scale.

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