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Why Aren’t You Using Social Media At Work?

By 20/09/2018August 12th, 2022No Comments

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Your employees are already using social media whilst they are at work, that’s a fact. The question is, why are they playing Farmville when they could be sharing company content?

For many years we have discouraged our employees from using social media at work considering it an aspect of our personal lives that is not relevant to the office. In recent years there has been a changing atmosphere, with a number of companies encouraging their employees to immerse themselves in social media whilst they are at work, growing their network, engaging with their industry and company. This has led to a rise in social selling helping to bridge the gap into Employee Advocacy.

Studies have shown that we spend on average 37 minutes per day on social media, equating to over three hours of our working week supposedly ‘wasted’ on social media. But why does this ‘wasted’ time have to be a problem? Social media is integral to our daily lives, it’s how we see current affairs, how we stay informed, and what helps us form our opinions. Beyond this, social media is a vital part of your business strategy, social media advertising spend is increasing year on year and yet we do not utilize our employees for this. 

With social media becoming such a part of our day to day lives, it is time for it to become part of our working lives. We are already using social media at work for personal use, but some of that time could easily be redirected to sharing company-approved content. Research we have conducted showed that 60% of employees said they would probably or definitely be more likely to create or share company content if employers made it easier to do so. So why aren’t they? Employees are already using social media and companies are already putting out their own social media content, employee advocacy programs are the way to bridge this gap.


Check out the infographic for some great statistics on Social Media in the workplace.

Social Media At Work


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