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Keep Your Little CEOs Happy: Get Creative with Our “Design a Mobile App” Worksheet

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DSMN8 Little CEOs

“Believing in yourself and your abilities is the cornerstone to success!”

At DSMN8, our primary focus is to offer you the latest and greatest in all things employee influence, content creation, and employee communications, and that won’t be changing any time soon.

However, we put people at the heart of everything we do, particularly companies’ employees, and with the increase in WFH and homeschooling we’ve been thinking about how we can help employees focus at home while fostering creative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit!

As a startup, we’re passionate about encouraging innovation and education across all ages. So, together we’ve produced an activity worksheet that will not only keep the little ones entertained but also encourage them to innovate and realize their entrepreneurial spirit by designing their own mobile app!


Young entrepreneur DSMN8

Keep the little ones entertained while encouraging creative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit!

From the DSMN8 family to yours, we want to offer your children the opportunity to put their thinking caps on, get creative, and just maybe, invent the next big thing!

We encourage all of our little entrepreneurs to think outside the box, and we’d love to see what they have to offer! We’ll be putting together a dedicated page on our site to showcase all the hard work of those taking part.

We believe that great ideas and innovation deserve some recognition! So, if they’d like their app to feature on our page, simply upload a picture to Instagram with the hashtag #DSMN8LittleCEOs, or you can email it to us directly at [email protected].

Click Here to Download Your Free App Design Worksheet!

There is an abundance of companies we admire that are doing some great things for working parents/families right now. Check the links below for some of our favorite offerings. All of those listed are free to use/download, and should keep them entertained for a few hours!

Follow us on Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and let us know what else you’re doing to keep your little entrepreneurs busy while working from home! If you’re interested in learning more about what we do, we’ve plenty for the grown-ups over on our blog!

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