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Through advanced technical breakthroughs on our platform and an ongoing commitment to support, DSMN8 delivers the optimum service package for building and growing your own advocacy program.

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We help companies amplify their company message by developing advocacy programs that empower and reward their advocates.

We’ve helped businesses of all sizes maximise the ROI of their marketing and branding efforts through advocacy. In order to achieve our mission, we work at a granular level and continuously develop our platform.

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About DSMN8

DSMN8 is committed to providing the world’s most advanced social advocacy platform.

This includes native smartphone applications (iOS and Android), a web-based desktop application and a purpose-built analytics package. Our product is designed to empower and reward staff, partners, and customers to become social media brand ambassadors.

It was founded in Cambridge, United Kingdom, in 2016 by tech-entrepreneurs, Bradley Keenan and Ryan Marsh. 

Meet The Team

Company culture remains at the core of our ethos. We pride ourselves on being totally committed to improving the experiences of our users. This approach has been in place from the very start when our founders began the DSMN8 journey.

Bradley Keenan - Co-Founder & CEO at DSMN8

Bradley Keenan - Co-Founder & CEO

Our founder and CEO, Bradley, is a British tech-entrepreneur. He began providing marketing technology to branded manufacturers in 2003 before founding E-Tale Marketing Solutions in 2009. The company soon became a global leader in ‘Where to Buy’ technology, operating in 45 countries, supporting 160 clients, including some of the world’s leading technology manufacturers. In 2014 E-Tale was acquired by Channel Advisor Inc. before he began working on DSMN8 in 2016. While integrating E-Tale into their new publicly owned parent company, he noticed a considerable divide between sales and marketing. Marketing was producing great content, but very few people were sharing it. Bradley identified this as a waste of valuable energy, creativity, and resources and sought to provide a solution to bridge the gap.


Ryan Marsh - Co-Founder & CTO at DSMN8

Ryan Marsh - Co-Founder & CTO

Ryan is a tech-enthusiast from New Zealand. He is an expert in software architecture and development with over fifteen years of experience in creating state of the art software. Ryan is integral to helping us make our clients’ wishes a reality. With the help of his team of tech engineers, he has been able to develop DSMN8 from conception to becoming one of the most advanced and intuitive advocacy performance tools on the market. Ryan’s ‘customer-centric’ focus always offers a refreshing perspective, not just to technical puzzles, but for our support and success processes too.


Alex Hann - Chief Revenue Officer at DSMN8

Alex Hann

Chief Revenue Officer

Elliot Elsley - Head of Customer Success at DSMN8

Elliot Elsley

Head of Customer Success

Jody Leon - Marketing Director at DSMN8

Jody Leon

Marketing Director

Lewis Gray - Sales Operations Executive at DSMN8

Lewis Gray

Sales Operations Executive

Haris Basic - Software Engineer at DSMN8

Haris Basic

Software Engineer

Emma Powney - Client Research Manager at DSMN8

Emma Powney

Client Research Manager

Victoria Keenan - Company Director at DSMN8

Victoria Keenan

Company Director

May Tan - Client Research Manager at DSMN8

May Tan

Client Research Manager

Andy Moss - Board Advisor at DSMN8

Andy Moss

Board Advisor

Want To Join Our Team?

We’re always on the lookout for top talent.

If you think you can match the passion of our leadership team to help companies grow their own brands through advocacy, then we want to hear from you. If you are interested, please email a copy of your CV to [email protected]. Remember to be creative and really express your true talents.

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