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The World's Most Active
Investment Banking & Management Professionals
on Social Media

June 2024

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Why Does This Matter?

If you’re looking to follow the lead of some of the biggest companies in the world by leveraging employee influence, get started with a free employee advocacy health check. Find out how active your employees are on social media, the impact of this activity, and how to improve your score.

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Become Your Organization's Employee Advocacy Expert

Enroll today for The Employee Advocacy Certification and receive a free copy of Bradley Keenan's book, Employee Advocacy: 101 Cheat Codes. Become certified in employee advocacy.

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The Employee Advocacy & Influence Podcast 🎧

Curious to learn more about employee advocacy? Don’t have time to read the whitepapers? Who does?! On the podcast, we delve beyond the why and get straight to the how so that you can put employee-driven growth at the heart of your organization. Hosted by DSMN8 CEO, Bradley Keenan and Senior Marketing Manager, Lewis Gray.

5 Employee Advocacy Essentials

Director of Customer Success, Elliot Elsley reveals 5 game-changing employee advocacy program tips.

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The Best Content Strategy for Employee Advocacy Success

The ‘Holy Trinity’ of content you need for employee advocacy success, and the 2 most common program objectives.


Employee Advocacy Masterclass with Dropbox

How to get your employee advocacy program off to a flying start in the first 30 days with Katherine from Dropbox.